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TO: RE: Drivers Education Military and Military Bases------------ 1. Family members ---wife and kids (kids old enough to drive or reach the petal which means about 4ft 8in tall) Teach them to drive a car and van both and use automatic because they are faster and easier to learn to drive the reason for a van is because businesses use them a lot in many types of business’s even office environment Once I took a day job through a temp job place as a secretary to finish up mailings labels and envelopes that a lady did not finish and could not get to work to finish so they asked me to come in and finish them so I said ok and did while there the big boss came and asked if I have ever driven a van I said yes and he asked me to if I would drop of some stuff over at another building in the same town because the usual person is not in to do it and they need it right away and so I did ---------companies have the right to pull you from the floor for choirs even the regular person is not in ----so van driving lessons is important---more job possibilities—it will help get them on the list and pile in which to sellect a person for a job to be picked from if nothing more sometimes that’s more then others get which applied for the job(do this with those under thirty years old) So teach both van and car together! 2. Military members --------teach them to drive –car,van,bus,trash truck--- because they need to have job training and may then be able to apply off the bases when they leave the military some places pay a local bus driver 14 dollars a hour to drive local buses (in city’s)(I recommend car/vans/buses for females and car/vans/buses/truck/trash truck for males) under thirty years old) I am sure the local city bus system will let your base use a big bus or small bus to teach a class in driving the buses both small and big -------make a class for them both male and female soldiers Even if they don’t ever get hired ------or hold no job----they still have a skill useable because I have seen and meet many people who have rented buses or vans for trips and share the driving duties plus this helps them know/now how to drive a item bigger then the average size car in case something comes up in emergency’s which their skill could come in handy Gas---should not cost more the n $20.00/30.00 a person per vehicle for the purpose of training for hands-on training You could have a ten day class ------7 days for book practice to go over street signs and rules and save 3 days for actual hands on training in the vehicles for a chance of real driving Use back roads first ----always back roads first then highway when practicing and learning 3. Group homes ----institutions ----foster care------for those under 18 yrs old -------4ft 8in tall should be tall enough to reach the peddle and and 12 and older should be old enough to understand and pay attention most states allow them to drive at 16 yrs old -----------teach clients in their care to drive a car and van both -----most of you all as companies have business vans use them to teach a drivers education class -----(have companies put away about 20.00 dollors for gas per kid to have gas money ready when start teaching) 4. mental institutions -----like big springs state hospital -------austin state hospital ---their premises are large and have roads for staff use right on the premises ---if you cannot get approved to teach a drivers education class and use roads off the premises ---just use the roads on the premises which appear large enough to use to get the training done------teach vans and cars both ----do this with those 4ft 8in tall tall enough to reach the peddle and those 12 thru 30 yrs old they are still young enough to hire ------------------------------------------------------even if not able hold a job or get one they have then a skill usable for themselves ----many people share driving duties when on a trip when one gets tired the other one takes over ----------------------------------have a short class like 8 to 10 days long go over street signs and make a quiz for practice for about 5 days two hours long then save 3 days for actual practice time to make sure every one gets a turn to do some driving time or 7 days book work then 3 days practicing driving time 5. homeless shelters-------staff need to have a drivers education class for homeless people at shelters -----those 4 ft 8in tall and about 12 and older most states let people drive at 16 yrs old ------------use the shelter van ---which most shelter do have at least one for staff use -------teach both male and females to drive both a van and car note: ---that many used car lots -----have cars which are not in good running order ---which set on lot for years ------I am sure a used car lot ---would be willing to donate a old car and old van to you if you ask them----for the purpose of teaching drivers education ---just ask a few car lots for help------------------------ Correctional Facility’s and Jails------- 1. kids ----teach them to drive a car and van 2. adults---there locations teach them to drive both car and van also (under the age thirty) (both females and males) Job CORP---------------Teach them to drive --car,van,trash truck and small bus and if possible a large bus ----both male and females (under thirty) Imigration-------other countries should make sure they know/now how to drive a car before they come to the united states and their kids should know/now also signed Katrine Elizabeth Sackett 32463 3030 Spring terrace apts Apt 214 7101 North IH-35 Austin Texas 78752 July 2016 updated 2017 Churches----youth director -------you should do this with your youth at your church as a activity ---this will benefit your youth to learn to drive a car and van and the churches all usually do have a van which you could use to do this with Even if none of them get or hold a job they will leave with a skill they can still use------a lot of people who go on trips take turns driving if a long trip----------those who get together in groups sometimes let people take turns driving the vans or buses they use or rent to use-----they share the exspenses GOVERNMENT----make it mandatory (a requirement to do) or if the staff and companies don’t then government take away their budget for failing to do anything constructive in these places with their clients (under thirty years old)
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Judges--------------Courts and community courts ---------------- In Austin texas they have what is called a community court thy take on people who have minor offenses or homeless who fall asleep in the parks or benches downtown They also take on youth also----------------- I think the courts like community courts -------should consider this idea with not just minors but with the adults also (under thirty years of age) (both males and females) Gulf carts---------------------those vehicles that look like gulf carts which we see at downtown area or at arch or at colleges Take them carts--------------------teach the youth and adults to drive them (give them lessons) As a discipline step---------------------a way to do their time for the courts (to get their time done) This could be used as a punishment and jail time done for the police and courts Yet they as patrons would have learned a skill to take along These types of carts ----are used at varies jobs---like: 1. Security jobs 2. At schools by maintenance or security 3. Airports to help people get to their plane like seniors or handicap or those with temp. illnesses 4. Used when playing gulf 5. Zoo’s use them at some zoo’s 6. Business maintenance to carry the equipment around from bldg. to bldg. If you do this idea ----your patrons will leave with a work skill not just have done their time for law enforcement Try it and see what you think ----------------------- (Do this with those under thirty years old)(both males and females) Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 3/24/63 whitelady 5’2 ½ 533-80-3030 (553-80-3030) 7101 n ih-35 austin texas apt 214 Military bases----------------- The military have a lot of vans they use as military staff/soldiers They also have a location which teach soldiers how to drive them and use them for military work on the bases I think the base commanders ----should make sure to set up driver’s education class to teach all soldiers male and female soldiers how to drive these vans and use the base as a place to teach them this van skill will come in handy when they get out of the military service when looking for jobs because all company’s require a person to be able to drive in order to hire them and a lot of companies have vans which they use for their business work even office administration staff have been asked to do something for their business and they use the business van to drive to go and get the request done (I did this myself once when I worked one day as a secretarial temp for a business I was asked to drop something off at a different building with the business van so I did and came right back) therefore, it don’t hurt to show/teach all soldiers on the base in the military service both male and females to drive the vans (under thirty years of age)(I recommend commanders do this with the soldiers even if soldiers don’t like the idea but commanders do it any way with them as far as van driving) this will also help them get a chance to be picked from all the applications people had filled out and their application will go into the pile which business will select a person to hire from (their soldier’s application will go into the pile of application in which business will select a person from to hire) out of all the applications that were filled out from people which applied this is a must for military commanders to do for their soldiers is to make sure to get them in the classes to learn van driving (use your own military man power to set up classes for all soldiers male and females on the bases) (do this with all those soldiers under thirty years old)(van teaching use automatic because they are faster and easier to learn and that is what businesses actually use at work in businesses)(they can learn stick later if they need it) buses ----- I think it would be nice if they taught military soldiers to drive the local buses like what we have in bigger city’s also ------they as commanders should work out a schedule with staff on the bases to teach the soldiers how to drive these types of buses -----make schedules for each unit to teach soldiers in these units how to drive these buses trucks----------military bases have some civilian trucks ------I think it would be good to see if you could as military base commanders use them to teach all military soldiers (male counter-parts) to use them and teach them to drive these trucks I have seen them on fort hood in Killeen texas the trucks are a medium to large size and a lot of times white in color and I think (but not sure) they also use them on the base to deliver food trays or laundry items and the thing is I have meet people not in the military service and use these type of trucks at work and to deliver things means they use them in civilian life and if your military man power could give a driver’s education class to soldiers on the base (male counter-parts) and teach them to drive these trucks this skill would come in handy for them when they leave the military service in civilian life (the soldier taught don’t have to take a job doing this when they get out but the skill would be good to give them so they can take a job when they get out if the soldier wanted to take the job and you as a military have then given that soldier a lesson/training which helped give them a skill useable at the job market for a male counter-part the military commanders have then done their duty for their male soldiers (do this with soldiers under thirty years old) (this would also show companies in civilian life that these men have the ability to drive something bigger then the average car size in civilian life) Trash trucks ---------------these are also a good trucks to teach ---these jobs pay better then a cashiers job and males could use the skills to get jobs in civilian life when out of military also (this is a job they may could get in civilian life if military commanders base commanders make arrangements to get their soldiers on bases the training they need while in the military) (age those under thirty years old) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Trash trucks-----should be taught to those males on welfare line here in united states and in city housing and low income housing projects and vouchers ---(all males parents under age thirty years old) Local city bus training (this should also be done for those in city housing and on welfare and low income housing projects and vouchers -------(all males under thirty years old ) Van training---- for family members (married on bases)--------van drivers education class for wives/wife and kids related to military soldiers should also be done -------base commanders on military bases should use their man power (soldiers) to make classes to teach all wives/wife to drive vans and use the base to do actual( hands – on) driving on the bases to make sure they can really drive the vans -------------------(do this with wife/wives under thirty years old) Van drivers educations for military related kids -----------------should also be done as young as 16 years old or younger A lot of people may be tall enough to reach the car peddles at even twelve years old when they can do that go ahead and teach them to drive the vans -----make a drivers education class and use the military base to give them hand-on training to make sure they can really drive it ----------------- A lot of states allow kids to drive at 16 years old (sixteen) and those who are younger that you teach tell them they must wait to actually drive (until they reach the age allowed in that state to drive) but that they have been given the skill to drive to help them with job possibility’s) Van driving can come in handy skill for wives and kids later also NOTE THAT DRIVING SKILLS CAN BE HANDY EVEN IF THEY DON’T EVER GET A JOB OF ANY KIND BECAUSE THEY CAN USE THE SKILL FOR (PERSONAL USE) A LOT OF FAMILY’S WHO DRIVE LONG DISTANCE ONE DRIVES BUT WHEN THEY GET TIRED THE OTHER PERSON TAKES OVER THE DRIVING SO THIS SKILL WOULD STILL BE GOOD TO HAVE MILITARY ------------THIS IS WHAT YOU DO HAVE AVAILABLE TO OFFER ON ALL BASES SO! USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE AND GO AHEAD AND TEACH IT LIKE ASKED IN THIS LETTER AND TO THOSE ASKED LIKE IN THIS LETTER ------------- (DO THIS WITH ALL THOSE UNDER THIRTY YEARS OLD ) EACH INDIVIDUAL BASE --------CAN DO THIS AND SHOULD DO THIS RIGHT AWAY ON ALL BASES –EACH BASE HAS ENOUGH MAN POWER/SOLDIERS THE COMMANDER COULD ASSIGN TO DO THIS TASK ON EACH MILITARY BASE HURRY NO TIME TO WASTE------------------- Vans----use automatic first for those learning to drive vans because those are faster and easier to learn and a lot of businesses actually use automatic vans or cars instead of stick for businesses Stick---they can learn that later if needed SIGNED KATRINE ELIZABETH SACKETT 3/24/63 WHITELADY (THREE-ZERO THREE-ZERO) 7101 N IH 35 AUSTIN TEXAS April 28, 2018 TO: Once I thought my social security card number was altered I thought it was 553-80-3030 but then when I went to get my card changed cause I got a legal name change from Kathrine Elizabeth sackett to Katrine Elizabeth sackett then I went to change that on my card and when I got the new card it said 533-80-3030 I said to the social security staff I think there was a mistake made on my new card it says 533-80-3030 but it should say I think 553-80-3030 should it not the social security staff said no I checked records and it shows 533-80-3030 I said o.k. I guess I am mistaken then in Wisconsin family childhood case says however 533-80-3030 instead of 553-80-3030 social security staff said don’t worry it could have been a typing error just but said it does show 533-80-3030 I said o.k. then I went home then Signed Katrine sackett32463 whitelady 5’2 ½ 5’3 7101 n ih 35 austin texas spring terrace apts by burger king Hyde step dads name Date sept 2018
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To: RE: Home Economics In home economics they taught things not useful at school (grade school)(not useable at work) Example: 1. Sewing dolls cut out of material and stuffed and sewing material together a. None of that is done at work like that -----they use machines at work (factory) to do the work of sewing dolls together b. None of us really do anything like this at home INSTEAD DO THIS 1. Teach sewing buttons and shortening pant legs (by hand and sewing machine)(that is the only thing we really do at home anymore) CLEANING: 1. TEACH HOW TO SWEEP AND MOP A FLOOR 2. MAKE A BED 3. DUST AND WASH DISHES AND HOW TO USE A CAN OPENER BATHING 1. PROPER BATHING AND HYGIENE AND HAIR CARE AND NAIL CUTTING AND TOE NAIL CUTTING 2. DRESSING AND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MALE AND FEMALE DRESSING ON WHAT IS EXCEPTABLE LIKE FEMALES CAN WEAR A DRESS AND PANTS BUT MALES ONLY PANTS AND THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS BUDGET 1. HOW TO FIGURE OUT A BUDGET AND BASED ON SALARY TAKEING HOME Teach BOTH MALE AND FEMALE KIDS THAT THINGS LIKE THAT SIGNED KATRINE ELIZABETH SACKETT 32463 7101 N IH 35 AUSTIN TX 78752 APT 214 12/12/2016 Rumors-------------------- 1. The claim was that fort hood base was closing down completely 2. Then later the story was that it was going to be a basic training base 1st I will ask the military branch’s and government staff who decide this issue to consider this idea! Have maintenance look at the houses/apartments on the base and see if they are in good enough working order To use to rent out as a low-income housing project for the retired military service members (save like 15 apt/houses for this group)(retired military) 2nd divorced wives if the houses and apartments on the base is in good enough working order to rent some out to divorced woman who have filed or are divorced from the military men (as a low-income housing project) for the woman who divorced military men for the woman and their children to have a place to live and the woman get to stay with their kids and rent there until the kids become 18 years old then the kids have to leave because they are 18 years old and when all the womans kids are 18 years old they the divorced wives/wifes have to leave also. (under age of 55 yrs old) (save about 10 houses/apts for this group) This will give the divorced wife/wives some help and help them be able to keep the kids at home instead of losing the kids to the system Base school ------have the local school district keep the on base school open through the 12th grade (save about 10 houses/apts for this group) Military members getting out of service(but not retired)--------------------save a few to rent to them and their family if together still as a low income housing project if military member is willing to work(this crew must work) (under age 55 years old) (save about 10 houses/apts for this group) If you do not want to consider all of these things as a thing to do and try to approve then consider this idea------------- Make all the apartments and houses on the base which still are in pretty good working order low –income housing Project for retired military -------who are looking for a place to live or would like to move in the project However make the age requirement 40 years and older because most of the military members who are retiree’s could not have enough time in the military to be considered a retired person until they reach about 40 years or older anyway Give them all the houses and apts ------make it a retirement community ----(low-income housing project) for military retiree’s and their spouses.(if still married or living together) From Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 5’2 ½ (three zero three zero) today is April 28, 2018 7101 n ih -35 austin texas P.S. Hospital on fort hood base (Killeen texas) Maybe they could use the first floor of the hospital to make it a housing project for the military wheel-chair combined as a low income housing project Give them each a room (put the ones who no longer have a mate in these beds) and use the hospital cafeteria as a place for them to go and eat at -----------------they could just hire a cook and have them do the cooking and for the military retiree’s and let the retiree’s go out and about in their wheel-chair and let them do what they want as if living in their out apartment but just using the old hospital as a place to live Sense your closing down the base anyway -------------------use the premises until it’s no longer useable This would help plenty of people who need housing help
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medical placebo and fake things used in research locations medications and fake medications may 2019 Scientology's Purification Rundown and Narconon programs purport to clean the human body of toxins and drugs respectively. Their method consists of very long saunas over many days, extremely large (possibly toxic) doses of vitamins including niacin, and Scientology 'training routines', sometimes including attempts at telekenesis. The programmes have been described as "medically unsafe",[299] "quackery"[300][301][302] and "medical fraud",[303] while academic and medical experts have dismissed Narconon's educational programme as containing "factual errors in basic concepts such as physical and mental effects, addiction and even spelling".[304] In turn, Narconon has claimed that mainstream medicine is "biased" against it, and that "people who endorse so-called controlled drug use cannot be trusted to review a program advocating totally drug-free living."[305] Narconon has said that criticism of its programmes is "bigoted",[306] and that its critics are "in favor of drug abuse [...] they are either using drugs or selling drugs".[307] • Sluggish schizophrenia – a diagnosis used in some Communist nations to justify the involuntary commitment of political dissidents to mental institutions.[233] • • Leaky gut syndrome – in alternative medicine, a proposed condition caused by the passage of harmful substances outward through the gut wall. It has been proposed as the cause of many conditions including multiple sclerosis and autism, a claim which has been called pseudoscientific.[73] According to the UK National Health Service, the theory is vague and unproven.[74] Some skeptics and scientists say that the marketing of treatments for leaky gut syndrome is either misguided or an instance of deliberate health fraud.[74] • Homeopathy – the belief that a patient with symptoms of an illness can be treated with extremely dilute remedies that are thought to produce those same symptoms in healthy people. These preparations are often diluted beyond the point where any treatment molecule is likely to remain. Studies of homeopathic practice have been largely negative or inconclusive.[60][61][62] No scientific basis for homeopathic principles has been substantiated.[63][64][65][66][67][68][69] • Hexagonal water – A term used in a marketing scam[56][57] that claims the ability to create a certain configuration of water that is better for the body.[58] The term "hexagonal water" refers to a cluster of water molecules forming a hexagonal shape that supposedly enhances nutrient absorption, removes metabolic wastes, and enhances cellular communication, among other things.[59] Similar to the dihydrogen monoxide hoax, the scam takes advantage of the consumer's limited knowledge of chemistry, physics, and physiology. • Detoxification – Detoxification in the context of alternative medicine consists of an approach that claims to rid the body of "toxins" – accumulated substances that allegedly exert undesirable effects on individual health in the short or long term. Many mainstream media web sites offer articles on this practice, despite a lack of scientific evidence for either the presence of the toxins, harm from their presence, or efficacy of the removal techniques. • Ear candling • Adrenal fatigue or hypoadrenia is a pseudoscientific diagnosis described as a state in which the adrenal glands are exhausted and unable to produce adequate quantities of hormones, primarily the glucocorticoid cortisol, due to chronic stress or infections.[17] Adrenal fatigue should not be confused with a number of actual forms of adrenal dysfunction such as adrenal insufficiency or Addison's disease.[18] The term "adrenal fatigue", which was invented in 1998 by James Wilson, a chiropractor,[19] may be applied to a collection of mostly nonspecific symptoms.[17] There is no scientific evidence supporting the concept of adrenal fatigue and it is not recognized as a diagnosis by any scientific or medical community.[17][18] A systematic review found no evidence for the term adrenal fatigue, confirming the consensus among endocrinological societies that it is a myth.[20] • +from katrinesackett32463whitelady(5’3)(5’21/2)information found under google in internet may 2019

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