drug and alcohol term and polysubstance abuse term defined and letter about group homes and mental institution staff sent ot washington d c white house open for public to read jan 2020
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Definition: Polysubstance Abuse
Polysubstance abuse is the use of multiple substances to get intoxicated. Any combination of the following can be used: alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opiates, cannabis, amphetamines, hallucinogens, inhalants and benzodiazepines. A long-term longitudinal study on polysubstance abuse led the researchers to conclude that excessive use of one drug increases the likelihood of eventually relying on other substances.
Polysubstance abuse is the abuse of 2 or more drugs that cause impairment or distress. Examples include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, hallucinogens such as mushrooms, or inhalants such as paint thinner. Prescribed medicines, such as opioids for pain or benzodiazepines for anxiety, are also commonly abused.
• What is Polysubstance Abuse?
• Polysubstance abuse is the term that describes the abuse of more than one drug at the same time. Polysubstance abuse can include one or more street drugs, one or more prescription drugs, or both. Alcohol is the most common substance involved in polysubstance abuse. Sometimes people who take prescription drugs will combine them with alcohol, unwittingly bringing about undesired side effects and increasing the risks to their health and well-being. Polysubstance abuse can be extremely dangerous and more difficult to treat than an addiction to a single drug.
• A person with polysubstance dependence is psychologically addicted to being in an intoxicated state without a preference for one particular substance.[1] Although any combination of three drugs can be used, studies have shown that alcohol is commonly used with another substance.[2] This is supported by one study on polysubstance use that separated participants who used multiple substances into groups based on their preferred drug. The three substances were cocaine, alcohol, and heroin, which implies that those three are very popular.[3] Other studies have found that opiates, cannabis, amphetamines, hallucinogens, inhalants and benzodiazepines are often used in combination as well.[4] The results of a long-term or longitudinal study on substance use led the researchers to observe that excessively using or relying on one drug increased the probability of excessively using or relying on another drug.[5]
Psychological dependence/physical dependence/addiction/chemical dependency
Group home workers and state and county mental hospital workers and v.a. hospital staff and military locations
Most of the workers which have direct contact daily with clients/patients are under educated and or only have a high school diploma and some only have diploma or two year degree’s but fact is none of them and their shit is really welcome because they do not have enough to offer us or people like me and other clients to thank them for being a staff neither do a lot of wives that husbands send out to work with us I for one past client do not thank the system for them at all and will not thank them as a future client either
These kind of programs mostly keep on staff the delinquent behaved staff and I do not support a lot of the people they keep on as staff or they keep on staff like kim Lowell who had a history of nervous break downs and I do not want here as a staff either then the others they keep on are past drug or( to much alcohol) drinkers and I do not want them as staff either
The programs these companies have become a flop and the staff are useless to us and those with college degree’s with 4 or more year degree’s are nota around clients much or enough or do not do activities enough with clients to say they deserve a paycheck any more at any of these companies in these programs this includes alcohol and drug programs or just mental health programs or runaway programs or salvation homeless programs or red cross programs or b and w development centers group homes and programs or dungarvin programs or Lutheran social service programs or other programs to include state and county also this includes newberry house staff also when I was a minor or as adult also and this includes mhmr also
I observe the staff and notice how a lot of them are skill-less meaning not much skills as far as work force and it seems like they use me and other clients as to keep afloat and a roof over their head because they cannot get other jobs or businesses to hire them or keep them on long enough to matter to thank them for job given to them and I mind the upper level staff misuseing me to keep them afloat with jobs by hireing them over programs I was in or at regardless if I was a adult or kid just and the upper level degree’d take of to work with the clients who have drug alcohol issues who are easy preys just or easy hits just
This includes military programs also
Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 )
Spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin texas
Date jan 2020

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