List of formication,paresthesia, and Demyelination issues and diseases

The exact cause is not known, but it is associated with certain genetic syndromes and chromosomal abnormalities. Symptoms include the presence of a painless mass, hematuria, abdominal pain, vaginal and rectal bleeding. Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy.
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Ewing's sarcoma, Childhood rhabdomyosarcoma, Neuroblastoma, Sarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Consult a medical professional for advice.Data from: Focus Medica
The exact cause is not known. Most cases arise sporadically. It is associated with the following inherited conditions:
o Li- Fraumeni syndrome
o Beckwith- Wiedemann syndrome
o Neurofibromatosis type 1
o Costello syndrome
o Noonan syndrome
It is also associated with certain other chromosomal abnormalities and genetic mutations(alterations).
Bloom syndrome
Moebius syndrome
Diogenes syndrome
Pancoast Tumor syndrome
MED13L syndrome
Bernard-Horner syndrome (commonly used in France); oculosympathetic paresis
The Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS
benign joint hypermobility syndrome (BJHS)
Brown Sequard syndrome
Lateral medullary syndrome
Anterior spinal artery thrombosis
diverticular disease
flat' feet (pes planus)
Nerve Fiber Layer in Glaucoma, OCT ( Glaucomas, Ocular Hypertension -> Nerve-Fiber Layer)
Latanoprost Pigmentation of Iris/Glaucomas, Ocular Hypertension -> Medication-Induced Changes
Hypertensive Retinopathy/Bilateral Optic Disk Edema and Macular Star Figure in Malignant Arterial Hypertension (Colour Photography Posterior Pole, OCT)( Marcus-Gunn Jaw-Winking, Congenital Trigemino-oculomotor Synkinesis)(Congenital Syndromes, Malformations and Abnomalities -> Congenital Malformation of Nervous System
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Wilms' tumor, Medulloblastoma
Consult a medical professional for advice.
Li–Fraumeni syndrome is a rare, autosomal dominant, hereditary disorder that pre-disposes carriers to cancer development. ... This syndrome is also known as the sarcoma, breast, leukaemia and adrenal gland (SBLA) syndrome.
What causes Li Fraumeni syndrome?
What causes LFS?
LFS is a hereditary genetic condition. This means that the cancer risk can be passed from generation to generation in a family. This condition is most commonly caused by a mutation (alteration) in a gene called TP53, which is the genetic blueprint for a protein called p53.

How does Bloom syndrome affect the body?
Without the BLM protein, the cell is less able to repair DNA damage caused by ultraviolet light, which results in increased sun sensitivity. Genetic changes that allow cells to divide in an uncontrolled way lead to the cancers that occur in people withBloom syndrome.
How does Bloom syndrome occur?
The genetic abnormality in Bloom syndrome causes problems with DNA repair, resulting in a high number of chromosome breaks and rearrangements. The abnormal DNA repair is responsible for the increased risk for cancer. Bloom syndrome is inherited as an autosomal recessive genetic trait.
Moebius syndrome is a rare neurological disorder characterized by weakness or paralysis (palsy) of multiple cranial nerves, most often the 6th (abducens) and 7th (facial) nerves. Other cranial nerves are sometimes affected. ... Moebius syndrome is not progressive. The exact cause is unknown.
What is Moebius syndrome caused by?
The causes of Moebius syndrome are unknown, although the condition probably results from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. ... Certain medications taken during pregnancy and abuse of drugs such as cocaine may also be risk factors for Moebius syndrome.Jun 25, 2019
Diogenes syndrome
Diogenes syndrome, also known as senile squalor syndrome, is a disorder characterized by extreme self-neglect, domestic squalor, social withdrawal, apathy, compulsive hoarding of garbage or animals, plus lack of shame. Sufferers may also display symptoms of catatonia.
What causes Brachydactyly?
In some cases, it's possible that brachydactyly is caused by exposure to medications that the mother takes during pregnancy. It may also be caused by blood flow problems to the hand and feet, especially in developing babies. It's possible that your brachydactyly is symptomatic of a genetic syndrome. This is much rarer.Dec 5, 2016

Mutation alteration · change · variation · modification · transformation ·
1. the changing of the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or chromosomes.
2. Various general possible causes of numbness include:
1. Paresthesias
2. Nerve disorders
3. Nerve entrapments
4. Nerve compression syndromes
5. Repetitive motion disorders
6. Carpal tunnel syndrome
7. Circulatory disorders
8. Diabetes
9. Rheumatoid arthritis
10. Multiple sclerosis
11. Hyperventilation
12. Stroke
13. Transient ischemic attack Panic attack
14. Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is the buildup of fatty deposits called plaque on the inside walls of arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen and ..
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