To panama city housing authority 1025 everitt ave 12 panama city florida 32401 and section 8 for panama city
And panama city police dept 1209 15th street panama city florida
I would like to move to panama city florida reason is I have a brother(he once worked in illinois and lived and sister that had moved to florida at 1301 beck ave panama city florida/924 florida ave/1532 june ave panama city florida 32405/ 1-850-867-5851/815-914-5313/850-785-5432/262-537-2350/262-877-9739 cannot remember which one is the old one and which one is the new one I would have to dig it up and look it up (edward ackett and michelle hyde I believe my sister married under flood
I would like to be close to them to see them and visit once in a while
I was wondering if you at city housing could assist me I would like to have arrangements made to move into a place the minute I get to florida and arrangements made prior leaving here and move right in when I get there
I would need some furniture already there for me to use while living in the apartment like bed room set and coach simple things like that (I need a furnished place even if it is used furniture)
I need it to have running properly air-conditioning in the apartment to use year around (due to not being as medically healthy as once was)
I use the local bus for transportation and would need a bus stop within walking distance to apartment
I would like the apartment to have a wash room on the premises to use and need a big grocery store nearby to do grocery shopping sense I cook for myself
I get social security at 655.00 and 136.00 only only two little checks that is the only year around income I get to use and to pay rent with year around
Section 8-----maybe section 8 in florida to move into a private apartment some place may be a better idea if need to do that maybe a place on the same premises my brother is at may be good id possible that way I could be close and see him more sense ed and david said he/ed got hurt at work and is on work disability and michelle lives in panama city also so I can with ed visit our sister michelle sometimes
Can staff be of assistance to check in on this issue and help me
Please write me and let me know/now one way or the other if you assist me or not or about moving in to your apartments in florida
Signed katrine (kathrine) elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½)
Spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin texas 78752 apt 214
Date july 29 wed 2020
Previously lived in temple texas and wisconsin also

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