To president of the united states in Washington DC and Public and police chief

I recommend due to cut backs in funding that what police and sheriff and dps and highway patrol and jail staff and other parts of the legal staff do is the following

When legal staff and police get hurt in the line of duty the ambulance take the staff to the jail medical center/area instead of a regular hospital or regular emergency room to cut down on cost to tax payers which the legal staff say they care so much to service in their uniform

Jails and prisons have area’s in jails which they have medical staff and a doctor and I recommend jails and prisons make a small emergency room and sleeping area for the staff to be taken to (emergency room then the sleeping area for the hurt staff to sleep for a over-night stay so the doctor can keep a eye on the hurt staff for the night to make sure the stitches staff may have gotten while hurt on the job on duty hours

Do that instead of taking the legal staff like police to the regular public hospital and emergency room and then this might cut down on the work forces tax’s they have to pay

I am sure the jail medical area’s already have wound care and stitches care supplies already (just have the doctor make sure the medical area has enough supplies around for the care of the staff in case they need it)

Then when the staff like police get hurt in the line of duty bring them to the jail medical staff and area to get emergency medical care instead of the a regular public hospital

Besides police and legal staff always say they want to try to service the work force sense they work hard all day anyway
And so that is a way they can service the work force is by doing that idea to cut back on cost to avoid more tax’s and to reduce the tax’s

Try the idea and see if it helps and works

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’21/2)
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Date July 18, 2019

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