letter church brochures and passing them out in public can we or not ? open for public to read nov 2019

pasters some area's I have found out that church members are not allowed to go house to house and give out church brochures neither is any one else like guest of churchs only the main pastor of the church who has been schooled in some college (that is what I was told by a officer ) the in some area's they seem to allow it for anyone to go house to house and give out church brochures regardless if they are guest or the paster or the church members some area's say they do not allow anyone to go house to house to pass out brochures not even pastors I think the legal staff and courts and police and sherriff and jails should talk to the local news paper and ask if they would for free of cost put a article about this issue in all towns newspaper letting the public be aware what there rules/laws are on this issue in their town this would make the people living in the area aware what the rules are in that town and what rules they have to follow (before a arrest or argument breaks out over this issue) (do not continue to wait until half the town gets angry about this issue or are in-jailed over it sense they did not know/now better one way or the other can police and courts and sheriff see if the local newspaper will for free of cost help you by putting a news article in the local news paper about this issue and try to straighten out the facts quickly) signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady nov 2019 p.s. once in temple at a city housing place I helped the church pass out a church brochure when a cop pulled up and said this town does not allow it unless it is the pastor of a church who has been trained as such I said I don't think the pastor brother jerry raines in temple tx was made aware of that sense he and the church members asked me to help out I thanked them for the information and went home I brought the left over brochures to the church and told them what the cop said so my request is good to ask the system to do
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I have listened to the news media and even articles
Regardless of what people think about texas being prejudice in texas especially against blacks
This is what I think after living here in texas over ten years before the service and then later back and then moved to Austin tx lived about five more years and keep in mind that as a kid under age under fourteen I was in texas also in temple and some in Austin area sometimes
What I have seen is that the legal system and even counsolers are intimidated by the black race and that judges like who hear a mans name as reed in court lay off the hearing due to being intimidated of the black race and culture and behavior of a type of bullying behavior by a lot of them in jail or out-side of jail regardless if the crime is little or very large to up at murder charges (that is what I mean by large)
I knew a black guy once in temple who was also in Austin and he actually was a nice guy but he could have a behavior stemming to look like he is intimidating person with some people out here I some times could not help but over hearing people argue (standing close by but you act as if you do not hear a thing or notice the problem) yet you really do it appears they black race a lot of them like to act intimidating (why I do not really understand) in the united states there are more better options to help with advancement then for whites based on advertisement I have seen in the past when very young woman but I have noticed the white race and a lot of other races seem intimidated of the black race and will not make them go to court and stand trial like suppose to and in the black race not going to court to stand trial it is because the court staff and legal staff are intimidated by the race to make them go to court and have a trial on them regardless of the out-come
We are all aware out here that some times guilty people walk out the court not being found guilty because of lack of evidence that they are guilty based on the jury peoples opinion (that could be for any races not just blacks)
Second it is not my job as a white to pay tax’s to system to give money to blacks if they walk out the courts found not guilty and want compensation for being in jail that’s not my job to pay tax’s for not to mention I have been in jail wrongfully also example I fell asleep while homeless on a bench yet I would not normally be arrested because of my situation of being homeless with not enough money to go to a hotel sense most of them in society today cost a $100.00 a night even the most cheapest hotels like the old building next to dennys restaurant by I-35 and st johns in Austin tx
(in this situation I normally would not have been arrested because I do not carry a weapons what is considered legally a weapon and upper body by arms during the time period was medically not healthy which I could lift my suitcase up as a weapon and hit someone in the head with it therefore, it was a wrongful arrest to me)(yet no one compensates me like a lot of blacks have gotten compensated )(I feel a lot blacks got compensated due to the system are intimidated by the black race by the bullying type behavior not because they were a wrongfully accused person)
Yet I feel and have developed a opinion that court system is intimidated by the black race and will not make them stand trial because of it
Last it is not my job to pay taxs to feed these peoples mouth in jail setting for months at a time waiting to be released or waiting for a hearing or to do time without a hearing
The system needs to get on the ball and get things done and get attorneys for people and get hearings done and while setting in the jail for the first 72 hrs the jail staff should be able to decide if there is even evidence enough of guilt to take a person to court for a crime
Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin tx /nov 2019
Note this is not intended to mean badly or a racist remark just stating a opinion developed by what I hear out here or see out here in person or hear by media and so on (other factors)

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