the claim that my family member in Germany (my cousin/Evelyn's girl) taught me stuff about the internet is not true at all PLUS she only showed me how to do a messenger/like private e-mail (evelyn and karstin are my cousins in Germany)
nothing more then that just to set the record straight) second the claim of the fact that I did not pay here for here time I do not pay my relatives to show me anything I do not excpect to be told by any relative I have to pay them in order to show me how to do anything at all actually in this case it was just a messenger only nothing more fact is family should be happy to show me what they know/now with out asking for pay because it makes me more knowledgeable and employable so the more I know/now the better and not be asking for money if they show me anything that includes my cousins kids like in Germany
signed katrineelizabethsackett32463whitelady(5'3)(5'21/2) june 2019

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