Notice to Washington d.c. white house president of the united states and public and u.s. military
First, be aware I do not appreciate your local clinics that you all have helped make/built in Austin texas
Like people’s community clinics in Austin texas and care know urgent care clinics in Austin tx either (they actually stink to hell)
As for a person claiming to be doctor shah gaurang at st davids emergency room 919 east 32nd st medical center the male doctor (you do not look old enough to be a doctor or look old enough to have graduated from a medical doctors school here in the united states or any place else and I am concerned he may be lying about being a medical doctor M.D. here at st davids or any place else due to his young looking age and I hope he is not reading out-dated notes from previous doctors just instead of doing a real doctors work (this has happened here in Austin and other places is the medical doctors in clinics and hospitals have seems like they are just reading out-dated notes instead of doing a real doctors or medical staffs job/work instead of acting properly and doing the mind work of having to figure out what is wrong with a person when they come in )(sorry but I am concerned if he is a real doctor or not due to his young look he just don’t look old enough to have graduated from a medical M.D. doctors school and I am deeply concerned about my medical health deteriorating and actually do not feel well taken care of by the staff in medical field anymore sense the time I was started on mental health medicines at mental health complex in Wisconsin or at state Austin hospital and hospitals they use even though I stopped taking them (medicines/psych meds/meds caused poor medical health) I was told once by a doctor it takes several years(over four years to finish medical school for a M D degree in fact more then sick years and doctor shah gaurang doesn’t look like he is old enough to have done all that yet) which I asked for from the staff at the hospital is to give me a doctor who has already finished medical school and got his degree sense I am poor and need them to know their stuff already and need them to have finished school and got a few years at work at medical hospitals as staff to have some experience behind them as a doctor and has a few years as a doctor with hospital work behind them to get good medical care (fact is sense I was started on mental health medicine which I no longer take for years but once did but it made me medically sick but sense then I do not feel I have gotten good medical care any place I have ever gone sense then in fact a lot of times it looks like they as medical staff just read off old shitten paper work and nothing more) I am very concerned about what type of good medical care I will get sense then which so fare is not the greatest I asked for a doctor who already finished his training and had a few years behind him/her as a doctor out here in the medical world already (fact is if they are student doctors there(st davids and else where) then it doesn’t seem to be any or not enough medical doctors who are already licensed and finished residency program( plus some) over-riding the students in these facility’s)
Then to top it off -------I remember here in Austin tx a few years back I went to the st davids hospital I believe it was 12221 n mopac road austin tx and they had(Austin diagnosis clinics In it and around on other streets) I went to the ear doctor in st adavids and later in years I got sick so I went out to the hospital on the bus extremely sick and in pain and suddenly the bus stopped and said this is my last stop I asked about the stop at the hospital he said that stop was done away with/canceled/closed and the last stop was so far away from hospital like I think it was like 6 to 8 blocks or more away for walking distance and I happen to take a bus I do not have my own car or have a car to drive there I was upset when I heard how the hospital asked they stop running out there to st davids due to they bring poor people out there from the buses meaning I guess those who cannot pay and count on medicare or Medicaid to pay for it that day the bus told me that is a day I really needed a doctor I had bleeding in my bowl when trying to have a bowl but the buses stopped running there instead they pointed the way and I tried to walk but was so tired by the time I got to the hospital which was more then six blocks away that it made the matter/situation worse I take it the hospital had bus removed from premises due to we are poor and need help with medical bills sometimes like from medicare/Medicaid or other programs
Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady(5’3)(5’2 ½) spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin texas apt 214 date feb 7 2020
While obtaining an M.D. degree will take only 4 years, physicians are also required to complete training in a residency program, which can last up to 7 additional years, depending on the specialty.Dec 20, 2019
• The time it takes to get a medical degree (M.D.) is 8 years of college after high school. But that is just to graduate. After that, you have to do residency or your internship, which can take another 3 to 8 years. In total, it will take about 12 years after you graduate high school before you can practice medicine.Jun 9, 2017
• While obtaining an M.D. degree will take only 4 years, physicians are also required to complete training in a residency program, which can last up to 7 additional years, depending on the specialty.Dec 20, 2019
PAST------PHYSICIANS ASSISTANT (AS DOCTOR) USE TO TAKE 4 YEARS AS A DEGREE BUT THAT IS NOT A M.D. BECAUSE M.D. TAKES LONGER THEN THAT but I was told physicians assistance 4 yr degree can do minor things like work in Emegency room to do small stitches things like that if problems are serious then they have to call down a M.D. to help
United states military and foreign military andthis includes state guards when it comes to protect and serve that don’t include every one (I do not feel like it included me or that it still does at present time include me) they as military did not protect me from mental health making me medically sick with their medications when I asked for help but did not get it they seemed to busy with foriegner’s again and others and those who are old military service members who need medical nurses aid help to bath and stuff why don’t you kiss know/now my royal ass and find some one else to ask like my family members in twin lakes or Indiana or Germany or temple texas at 1112 n 15 th and their family members instead of me this includes national guard/reserves and 84th div in Wisconsin also and silver spring drive also and here units in texas also (how does that sound for ya)(I did 8 yrs drill in national guard and 8 yrs reserves also drill by coming in during the week see drill is only one week end a month two days a month I came in for several weeks to get the time in (in-advance) to get out due to the fact neither component had any spaces available to get into them full time active part which is what I really wanted to do and reserve I should up during the week to include at the 84th div silver spring street In Wisconsin to make up for all the drill time I would do in 8 years time (see one drill a month is only 2 days a month and one year only has 12 months in it and that would mean 24 days a year total for drill time per year only) I came in during the week and did this for several weeks (2wk/10days=about 5 drills then 3wks/15days=about 7drills and one day then 4wks/20 days =about 10 drills then 5wks/25days=about 12 drills and 1 day then 6wks/30days=14drills plus one day then 7wks/35days=16drills and one day Then 8wks/40days=18drills plus one day and then 9wks/45days=20 drills plus one day 10wks/50days=22drills plus one day then 11wks/55days=24drills plus one day then 12wks/60days=26drills plus one day)then 13wks/65days=28drills plus one day) (fact I don’t feel I got any good training or anything out of drill that mattered or in military schooling either)
2nd letter

To white house staff and president and medicare /Medicaid and other programs

kings daughters clinic area and ascension medical group/express care a black guy who claims to be doctor parker pa-c urgent care temple office 1905 sw hk dodgen loop Temple texas feb 10 20202 I showed up in temple by gray hound bus station and there by cab And prior to 6PM but I am again concerned he is not a doctor or say medical doctor meaning M.D. he appears to young looks wise to have finished 4 to 8 yrs of school yet and I told the lady at the desk a doctor finished with school as medical doctor M.D. he sent me to images place scanner to make image to lower part of body to see bowel area and stomach area saying to take a look but I am not sure if he really actually did the work or not he did put me on a machine and scan but I never really recognize it as something I did before like what I saw there (but could have but maybe to old to remember that I did but they really did cause something wrong it is a strange pain not of the natural average pain like say if you got headaches sometimes and a lot of people do get headaches the average headache pain but some people get a strange headache which its pain is not like the others or average headache pain some different type of headache pain different than the rest previous and it hurts) I complained of constipation and bowel problems and bleeding and pain and having trouble pushing bowel like normally would be able to do and explained it also sometimes feels something crawled up the ass/butt (I believe that is because of damage from the previous psychiatric medicine taken which I was no longer on presently) I do not feel secure that the work was really done as far as images even though laying on a table scanner (maybe I am wrong) (I feel insecure about the doctor visit today about the facts and if work was really done or not sense I do not feel I am really real familiar with the equipment used but just not sure and secure today and I admit the doctor actually looked to young to have finished with medical school as a medical doctor like family practice medical doctor or internal family practice doctor something like that I feel he may be to young to have finished medical school as medical doctor like M.D. that they say take 6 to 10 years of medical school he said that he noticed a impaction a constipation problem and gas problem only prescribed dulcolax like you buy at the store /lactose/magnesium citrate which I do not think is prescription medicine strength because I think I have seen these types of names over the counter but I need a prescription strength which I don’t think I got I am concerned I am not getting proper medical care sense I was placed on psychiatric medicines which I stopped taking and have not taken for a while it upsets me so I am concerned about my future care from medical field for that purpose just don’t know/now what to think about it all just know/now I am in pain and stuff

Note also for those of you in the past who have gone to kings daughters hospital may want to know/now that the hospital is closed and was turned into a children’s hospital yet I noticed the clinic area’s and pharmacy is still there (but note a lady at the clinic area said she believes the children hospital is talking about closing down but was not sure about that)

One doctor here in Austin said he thinks it might be a hemmroid problem on the butt/anus but the medicine he toldme ot pick up at he pharmacy was anusol but instead they gave hydrocortisone but material on the computer internet articles does not show that hydrocortisone is for hemmroids and they did not fill it with anusol like needed I made a copy of the article about these two medicines and really they don’t show its for the same thing at all (this seems its more like my uncles stuff in twin lakes rather then what I needed I wonder if they are looking at old notes instead just or mixed my new claims up with what my uncles notes are about the cream sense anusol and hydrocortisone In the articles don’t show the hydrocortisone is not the same meaning hemmroids at all I am insecure about this stuff then (nerves also about this then )

Not complaining just concerned about my care and above issues

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady(5’3)(5’2 ½)
Date feb 11 2020 time 8:45 P.M. updated feb 12 2020

Note giving me just over the counter medicine may look like the hospital staff does not want to give me good medical and fare and equal good medical care

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