my name is Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2) let me tell parents something and the their sons here at spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 Austin texas that these all males but this referring to blacks even those who are getting their hair cut short that these are no longer men I can be proud off and no short hair cut will be think more of you all anymore (at one time it was different but the black race and military/army changed that all)
stop doing things to make me laugh at you anymore will ya I wish you all would stop)
at one time short hair looking decent for males impressed me because it let me know/now they were taking care of themselves properly but that will not matter in this case anymore you alls remarks to me were unfounded meaning not called for and saying not you them just because they look like a year around tan ladies is not called for to say to me and none of you all had any thing to worry about anymore I would not touch a black man uneducated anyway with a ten foot poll as far as for a mate Wilfred acholonu had a pharmacy license and worked for the v.a. hospital but you all I would not bother to get to know/now for a mate anyway in the first place that has always been the case but for your remarks to me them not me listen to this when the time comes and war is on and these tan looking ladies year around cannot help you all then I will not be able to help you because I will not be around to help ya and if I am around I do not really think you all deserve the help even if you are military members or retiree's none of you all have thought of me you all sense I joined military and am out were ugly to me actually did not help me at all even here when I was beat up and knifed/cut into and are in pain inside over it were was the military for help when that happened here no place around to help me I guess you must have been with the tan ladies busy or some like my past relatives susan dillard and stanly and douglesses and edmondsons and others farten around some place

today I am sick and still can not get the help I need you all are making me hate you all that is for sure
I was told you all had wrongful hearing under the table of me with out my presents if true sorry to hear it even though I have not been informed yet but if I find out it is true you all will be sorry because there may be a day were I could help someone out here some day but cross me and make me upset I will turn my back and head and not give a shit either about you all either for ever doing it to me anyway this goes for you kids also keep this in mind
do your selves a favor and keep this in mind by the way this goes for the local authorities also signed Katrine sackett32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2) date feb 8 2020

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