today is monday sept 21,2020 I went to the library today to see if it is opening because the early news said austin library is opening up today when I got there the guy who is a staff said it is not opening up yet so! Sense it is not open to me and the public I do not want to support the salaries of the library staff at any level to include security or volunteers either the library’s here had trained volunteers and also minors because the budget is so bad also the idea of training minors was for job training and to work with kids in trouble with law enforcement but the problem is no one can verify the training for kids/youth is training going to be good for work purposes because public library is done when it comes to budget rumor is that city don’t even have enough of a budget to give a retirement to the staff who have worked for years in the city library jobs even but that is based on a newspaper ad from out of state I showed one of the library staff it once when I read it and he was not aware of that so he said he would like the newspaper to check into it so I handed it to him the kids should be in school to be able to learn to read and write at least through the 3rd grade and the elementary schools have a library right in the school buildings were the teachers can take the kids once a week or once every two weeks to pick a book to take along and home to read and they bring it back to class to be returned when the time comes again to go to the library at school the next time around this works good actually and the fact is the schools should keep this up alot of parents don’t have time to take the kids that young to the public library and some because alot of homes had both parents that work and they were/are tired when they come home so schools went to taking them at schools to the school library and back then the elementary schools had a class called reading and reading comprehension class which they should keep doing also and these classes had 30 students in the class and the fact is I read very good because of that class the teacher used to make sure we answered at least the first 5 questions in the back of each chapter of the books the library therefore, has no reason not to be open to the public for the adults to go to the library’s the kids well at one time the public library would not allow those 18 and younger through the door until after two o’clock during school time this was to make sure to get the kids not to skip classes at school and stay in school

And the fact is that did work because me and two friends were going to skip class here in austin once and go to the library but library said we cannot let no one in until two o’clock because of school hours so we all three went back to school to have something to do with our time so we went back to school to class the public library would not even allow us to set around on the premises on the outside of the building either and that did help keep us in school

Those that refuse still don’t let them in the library still they will just have to wait until two o’clock

the fact is for training the library is probably no longer the place to use for kids to get training for jobs sense there is not enough money in the budget to pay staff or give them a retirement when worked for twenty to thirty years and the fact is kids would be better getting a class for training in a drivers education class starting straight with a van sense vans are what they use at varies jobs and it also good to learn for personal use sense alot of people or group of people get together and go on trips to like camping trips or other trips in groups and one would take the job of driving duty and others when they got tired would take over the duty of driving when on the trip so either way the kids would get use out of the training provided to them and also beginners swimming would be more helpful to students because they could save thier own life if need be in small accidents rather than be a burden on other students in water who would have to try to save thier life because they did not know/now how in small accidents this would be a better idea to do in schools in today’s society but van costs just see if the used car lots or city impoundment or wrecker or towing dept have a used van which they as staff picked up and took and have scheduled to destroy and instead of destroying it maybe the staff can consider donating about three vans to the austin school district for the school to have a drivers education class for the kids to learn to drive but not until at least ten/twelve years old or older alot of them are tall enough to reach the peddle by then but tell them not to actually drive after learning until they are old enough in that state they are living in to drive but at least they would have learned how to drive and have learned a skill they would be able to use later for work or for themselves start them straight with a van right from the start make the drivers education class straight to the point of driving not worrying about talking about people who have drinking problems but concentrate on the driving part street sign’s and left and right turns parking things like that please I am sure the staff can find at least two vans on thier property at wrecker and impound and city towing dept to donate for free of cost to the school district for classes here in austin for them to use in classes if class meets daily at school for one hour a day then the class should not take more than about two months (eight weeks) of class for a class of thirty students or less first part being class for learning street signs then after that the actual car lesson each student gets a chance to drive at least once on back and side roads then each student gets a chance to drive on the highway a short distance at least once and tell students to have some one go with them like a parent to practice driving skills learned at least once before the students go out on thier own driving alone same thing for group home staff and foster parents they need to help the kids they get in thier care by offering them help by taking them out and help give driving lessons and taking them out each kid to practice driving and teaching street signs while the kids are in thier care just remember to use back roads first then highway never highway first always back roads first (maybe like country roads first were you only see a other care go by like once a hour or so then highway after that) vans is what alot of businesses use so that is what I recommend they use in drivers education classes and also i recommend teachers talk to staff at driver license dept they have books they give out to public to practice street signs with and I recommend the teachers ask them for some books to donate to them so they can use them as teachers for classes and ask them for old tests in the past they gave for drivers license purposes and see if they will let you have one to use as a quiz in class for practice purposes and also maybe the sheriff and drivers license dept may have some retired staff who use to work with the driving test dept and sheriff dept who like to have something to do with thier time maybe they could donate some of thier time helping school district out by help teaching a drivers education class at the schools to help teach kids to drive and see if they will help and of course use the school premises

And also ask retired teachers who have taught previous drivers education classes and see if they would like something to do with their time and help teachers at school with a drivers education class to make sure everyone gets a chance to learn to drive a van make sure to use school premises to do this o.k. and talk to parents and ask them to help by puting and saving away at least 15/20 dollors for gas to help cover the cost of gas for the drivers education class the teachers are aware to plan ahead of time and make a short driving route on back roads then on highway before the teachers ever start the classes and then there are the military police chiefs who taught military police driving classes who are retired who may be willing to donate thier time free of cost to the school district to help teach the older kids like 14 yrs and older like 16 yrs old how to drive vans and willing to help teachers at the school district and teach a class and help with the part of driving on back roads and help get that part done talk to them and see and take all the help you can get from them as volunteers alot of retired sheriff have taught a class for sheriff trainee’s so maybe they will help teach the kids in your school as volunteers and remember to talk to parents about helping with gas cost by putting aside at least 15/20 dollars for each kid for gas cost and ask parents to later when classes are done to go with their kid driving at least once after they have finished classes to get them practice in before they drive on thier own later

Automatic -----use vans that are automatic rather than shift/stick vehicles reason for this is because automatic vehicles is what alot of companies use most and they are easier and faster to learn also

Shift/stick vehicle/van the students can learn them later if they need to learn them and so for the school district use a automatic vehicle/van instead first that would be a better idea

Do not play satan person or satan staff and make things harder than they have to be at schools or any other place so use automatic vehicles instead of shift/stick vehicles first

I have learned to drive both as a kid and adult but automatic are faster to learn then shift/stick cars or vans and fact is most business vehicles are automatic rather than shift/stick vehicles

Hint-----companies require people they hire to be able to know/now how to drive and alot of times have a vehicle also but most certainly must know/now how to drive or they will not hire you and fact is if someone try’s to take the business to court saying they should have been hired rather than someone else but the person at that companies just has to say they picked out of all applications the person they thought had been the best to pick even though they felt all applicants were good but had to make a choice and even if they are lying they will still get away with it because no one will be able to prove otherwise, or say because the person was not selected due to not knowing/nowing how to drive a vehicle or van

Church---there are a lot of kids out there to try to service as far as teaching drivers education and van lessons and the school district may not always have time to do it and church’s have youth dept staff that have youth activities so why not lift a helping hand at the church as youth director and plan as a activity a drivers education class and teach kids how to drive a church van many and almost all church’s have a van and have kids who have not learned to drive a van so lift a helpful hand and do it as a activity at church with youth and for adults both single and married couples who have never driven a van make a class for them and teach them how to drive a van again have parents put aside 15 dollars for gas a kid to help with covering gas cost per kid and adults ask them to help with covering the gas cost by puting away 15 dollars to help cover gas cost for them as adults but donate the staff time for free of cost again in the church they have adults in the church and retired people who are healthy medically and mentally which may want something to do with thier time who would be willing to donate thier time to have a class at church to help teach van lessons like a church member who was a police officer who use to teach other police officers classes in drivers education for thier police vehicles who maybe willing to have a church van lesson for people in the church and donate their time for free of cost

In the church this is something the church can do to help the people in the church(do this with those under 30/thirty yrs old)

Homeless shelters ----they can actually help in this issue also when it comes to van lessons for homeless people staying at thier shelters have a van lesson for those who have never driven a van or learned how to drive a van make a list of the ones who attended the van lesson (staff do not make a fake list be honest and do right) by having a van lesson with those who have never driven a van two separate classes those who have learned to drive already but never driven a van have a short route with them and those who have never driven learned at all a longer class first then actual van lesson and longer route driving use some of the budget money for the gas cost and do this with those under thirty years old or younger because there is a limited amount of time to get things done and vans is something your businesses have and can use to your advantage to help these people out staying at your shelters do this with both males and females and this will help get some of the work needed out here done and use some of the budget you all get as shelters for gas cost I recommend you require a class attendance in order to stay at the shelter for this issue because it is work related issue

here in austin this means shelters like on 7th street old salvation army building and arch 500 7th street down town here in austin texas (again do not staff play satan person and do things the hardest way first use a automatic van first sense that is faster and easier to learn to drive and alot of businesses for work use them anyway the stick/shift these people can learn shift/stick later if they need to)(they can do this with youth like 14 thru 18 yrs old there is give van lessons and adults under thirty years old also) this would be something constructive to do at these places and shelters with every ones time if parents do not want to tell them to go live on a park bench and for staff get the sheriff to help ya by donating thier time to have a class thier or ask thier retired staff who are medically healthy and mentally still healthy to help ya all out at the shelter and again use some of the budget you all get at shelters for use on gas cost

Schools ---there to many kids/youth to service and not enough time always so all you at these business places like shelters, group homes and church’s and MHMR mental health centers and state hospitals like austin state hospital and big springs state hospital who has a good size land can help teach van lessons also just lift a helpful hand by help giving van lesson to those within the facility’s they work in do this with youth and adults under thirty years old alot of states allow them to drive cars/vans at sixteen years old anyway and van is what they use at work in alot of varies types of jobs lower level jobs and upper level jobs also put about twenty dollars a person aside for gas allowance to help these people out (these facilities can help the school districts in thier area out this way

List----keep a list one list being in these facilities who had already known how to drive a van and then a list of those who have not learned or ever driven a van and take those who have not ever learned and never have driven a van and teach them to drive a van to give them a helping hand in the right direction (this mean like shelters/mhmr and state facility’s/church’s/group homes/foster homes)

Fact---with kids a driver ed class is better than learning library work sense the public library is out of a budget and such a bad one that they cannot afford to give staff a retirement anymore after working for even twenty years it said in the newspaper

City----they can help with thier trash dept ----trash trucks are a good size truck and males can get jobs driving trucks and so the city can help teenagers/youth and adults out by teaching males to drive the trash trucks and get them started in the right direction city can have their staff at city trash dept to have a drivers ed class for teenagers/youth and adult under thirty years old for the males and teach them how to drive them and take them on a short route and show them how to drive and use them meaning pick up trash in those big dumpsters (again pick them under thirty years old) also do this with those males at shelters and group homes and those living in city housing and county housing projects and those on welfare to include and especially parents who have kids under 18 yrs old living in city and coundy housing projects and are on welfare like food stamps or just city housing who are under thirty years old and youth at 15 yrs old and up to 18 yrs old and if they refuse tell them to take their kids and live in the park instead then see you have alot of adults who are not medically unhealthy and are mentally stable enough who would like help both adult males and teenagers as males who would like help and would be willing to learn to drive a truck and the city can help give them a good start the right direction by using thier trash trucks to teach truck driving for a good start for them and also those who live on city housing and also those who have food stamps should be required to attend to show they are makeing a effort to gain work skills and plus this will help those males who would like to be a truck driver a chance and advance them to help them get to the point they need to get into later a program to drive trucks regardless if the same size as the trash trucks or a bigger size then the trash trucks this class and training would help them along and do this with shelter people also lift them a helping hand

City housing males after they attend this training let them stay on your city housing premises if they are willing to help the city trash dept staff out collecting trash by taking turns once in a while by collecting the trash behind government buildings to lesson the load on the staff which are hired already and on salary to collect trash with the trucks and besides this will give these males you have taught trash driving lesson some hands on practice driving the truck have them do this after taught year around in order to help keep these males a roof over thier head single males and males with kids in the house to keep a roof over thier head with thier family and lift them a helpful hand fact is after these people on city housing are trained maybe assigning them to routes to collect trash with those trucks to government buildings maybe the tax’s can go down to tax payers by having these people assigned to collect trash at government buildings and in return they get to stay in the city housing project but yet they must still behave properly but not have to move out of city housing ( I remember once the government claimed they were going to throw out city housing residents even with kids if they do not hold jobs because of poor budget well this may help these people keep a roof over thier head with thier kids under 18 and yet help government out who always say they are under staffed and maybe help reduce the tax cost for tax payers by putting these people on government building routes to collect trash and let them stay or give them city housing if they will learn trash truck driving and how to pick up trash and in return they get to stay at the city housing instead of being thrown out if they have no job and these peoples pay will be the city housing apartment instead of being thrown out of the city project the apt is their pay

Besides these males this idea could help them out they learn to drive something bigger than the average private cars anyway and even if they never get hired on by anyone at trash dept or private place or get a chance to learn other trucks they still would have gained skill usable because for males this idea could come in handy it teaches them to drive a bigger item then the average car and a chance to have the know/now how to drive a bigger item then a average car so if something comes up and they want to go with people some where they can adjust the training to use to drive a item bigger than a regular size car by remembering the training they got from the trash truck dept anyway

School district and military bases ----military bases could help the school district out also they have transportation depts were they have taught military staff to drive vans and could give a helping hand and have van lessons on the military base to wives/wife living on thier bases and to include hands on training in it and make a class year around for thier youth on the bases also vans is something the government do have and could have that much help to offer thier soldiers and thier family members take some of thier budget money and use if for gas allowance to teach them van lessons this is something military could do on bases for the family members have two separate classes those who have already learned to drive make a short route to give a van lesson make sure to cover left turn right turn and back up and park also and for those who have never learned to drive teach them with the vans right from the start just make the class longer and cover street signs and things and make the hands on training a little longer to help them along not just spouses but thier kids also both males and female kids and believe it or not that will help them out later in life and they gain a skill they could use for work purposes and private life also

Therapist the library is not the place for you all and your alls bull with kids or adults and claim is your all do sex therapy by using public places like the library you all are out of line and its not the place for it move your alls crap else where

We who are adults would like to use the library and are waiting to get in it still

Librarys say we who have been in special education are the problem but not from what I could see ever sense they have youth and adult males pulling out thier penis to include blacks but they are not the only ones here in texas who in the past have pulled out here penis in the library and masterbated the public library is not the place for it and counsolers over youth and staff at library who say than don’t look or watch the males that is not so no one does but the penis hanging out of a pants cannot be missed by walker byers and instead of saying to public as staff or local authoritys or counsolers then don’t look tell the males the library is not the proper place to do masterbations that the better place is at thier home in their bedroom not even the homeless should be doing it at the library even though it is just a piece of skin(and not a piece to be ashamed off) and in fact for counsolers to tell people or tell kids or males to say then don’t look is out of line instead they should tell males proper places for this kind of thing is at home in thier bedroom fact is this would be the thing to tell them in sex education class is to males and females that library is not the place for it better place is at thier homes in thier bedrooms even though it is just a piece of skin

Word has gotton out how youth counsolers are telling kids when they masterbate out side and people complain to say to them so what don’t look and its just a piece of skin not true a better place is saying do this at home in your bedroom where it is more private not in public eyes were people may have to walk by you and for homeless do this a distance way were people cannot see you doing it if you are out homeless and no home(nothing wrong with masterbation for anyone just there is a right place for it and home in the bedroom is the right place for it even when married just ask your counter-part for some time alone and privacy for a few minutes and go to the bedroom and do it there just not in the public library that is all i am saying (this is not the same thing as skinny deeping in the nude just)(again counsolers the public library is not the place for your sex type so called therapy either.

If the public library don’t open the door to me and others soon then I recommend the government do not give anymore funding for pay and retirement for staff and volunteers and also no more budget for city’s to build anymore public library’s at all or to buy anymore books for the library’s either

Also just to note counsolers and parents who claim to do therapy with thier kids/adult (males) and others who require them to wear a dress as males and uphold to it are questionable people not even respectable people at all this is not appropriate garmenting for males and it is abuse to them to claim it is therapy going on and telling these males to wear a dress instead why not help them find pants to wear instead if they have not money ask used cloth stores to give for free to these males some mens pants that fit them and let them have some pants without charging them alot of used clothing store have plenty of pants and set in the stores for years would it hurt the business to help the males out by giving them a few pants up to seven pairs at least one clean one for each day of the week staff could help them that much also men and male youth need to be told the truth what goes for a man is not the same for ladies see ladies can were either a dress or pants and still be appropriate but sometimes ladies who are either big in size may have to go for a pair of jeans to mens area cause they are not making the hip/waist area big enough to fit them in ladies size or cheaper some times to buy then the ladies jeans and sometimes buy as cheaper as 8 to ten dollars a pair

I say this statement not to be nasty to males but sometimes things have to be said and brought to males attention and counsolors are out of line if the claim is true how you all are saying like statements like mentioned above this tells me these boys/adult males were not fags or transgenders/other but brain washed by counsolers and others to wear a dress which is not appropriate for them to wear as males that is what it boils out to to me it is a form of abuse to them males by counsolers and others involved.

fact is counsolers could help at schools or at their businesses by helping teach some drivers education classes to your clients who have not learned to drive vans at your businesses use the business vans this would be more constructive thing to do with your time and clients time anyway for what I see or hear some times anyway

Anyway those businesses who are private or city owned impound/wrecker and towing depts and used car lots can you help the school districts out by donating for no cost a few vans at least three for the austin school district to use to teach drivers education class then leave parked in school lot until the next class begins not for the schools to sell or use for private use but to teach drivers ed class to the kids/students

Signed katrine/kathrine elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½)
Spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin tx apt 214 donated old building I was told by the first interview at apts who rented out the apts to use for needy or ssi people like me sept 20 mon 2020

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