mental health field county state private military other u.s/foriegn i don't recommendthem hired lower level/upper level paying government budget/taxs staff start clients on medicine/cause medical condition//even thru legal system/kes32463/6-2021

i do not recommend mental health field be supported and paid on bases or military bases the to include psychiatry or other because they start
you on psych meds or mood stabilizer or other and the medicines make you medically sick and even eye sight problems and alot of times insurances or other programs do not cover the cost or total cost and some times a person may not get the same good care/services because of it

county/ state/ jails have been known to start people who do not wish to be started then meds make them sick and can not get good medical care like normally would
signed katrine(kathrine)elizabethsackett32463whiteladybrown eyes
date june 2021

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