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Many Years back while homeless I was wondering around on the streets and I needed to go to urinate and I was wondering what I should do because I knew/new the police don’t like us to urinate on the street so I was and businesses don’t like us to use their business bathrooms

So I went walking around to find a place and came across some wooded area and decided to go in the woods a little and urinate in there fast and quick (I looked around and did not notice anyone around the wooded area

I spotted a bag when urinating and holding on to a branch so I would not fall down while urinating after done urinating I walked over to it and picked it up and found money in it and noticed a paper with it I looked at the paper it appeared to look like a payroll and had a name on it I took it to a bank near by and told them I found it and it appears to be a payroll (the date on the paper was very old) (I believe the date on the paper was a date like before I was born if I remember right) but it has been so long sense the time I found it I just remember the date was old the guy and lady at the bank took it and said thanks I’ll take care of it I said o.k. and left (this would have been between 1992 thru 2014 some time when I found it because I moved in I believe into spring terrace apts here about the year of 2014 I believe it was and it was before then when I was homeless

Later In years I thought to my self I should have kept it counted the money to see how much it was and kept it and spend it on myself instead of bringing it to the bank to get it back to the business it belonged to I should have counted to see if it was enough to go on a trip with like a tour trip instead of bringing it to the bank

I was suffering from exhaustion and fatigue because I was tired a lot due to homelessness I guess that is why I brought it to the bank as a nice deed instead of keeping it because I think if I was thinking straight I would have kept it and counted to see how much it was and see if it is enough to go on a trip like on a tour trip some place nice Instead of bringing it to the bank to return to the business it belongs to I did not think about counting the money to see if it reflex’s the payroll number or not or to see how much it was that I think was because of suffering from being tired and exhausted and fatigued from homelessness

Well! Call me stupid I guess for it! (bringing the money to the bank to find and turn it over to the business owner of the money) keeping it would have been more wiser and smarter

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady(5’3)(5’21/2)
Spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin texas apt 214
Donated old building I was told to use as a apt complex for poor people and those on ssi and low income people
It was on a list to be demolished meaning knocked down
Date August 1, 2019 time 3:55pm

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7101 North Interstate Highway 35
Austin, TX 78752
United States