POB: Tacoma (pierce) Washington DOB: 3/24/63 Soc. Sec. # 533-80-3030


GERMAN: Understand, Speak, Read

Example: have ability to read basic newspaper articles, basic labels on store products,
count change, read basic books (minor levels) Example would be kids fairytales,
Basic short stories, some novels (which were written for about pre-teenagers or
teenagers level I believe) and read street signs.


Office Worker Central Business Services Inc. 800 W. Central Rd Mount Prospect ILL 60056
(Approx: May 86(mo/yr) answer phone, take messages, stuff envelopes)

VA Hospital Temple Tx (date unsure 83/85) school work study program
(SEOG) Pharmacy location/print labels for medications

Service/cashier Sears Dept Store Temple Tx (date unsure 82/85)
Montgomery Wards Temple Tx (date unsure 82/85)

Telephone switchboard operator, cashier, layaways, deal with credit cards,
wrap gifts, deal with returns, deal with complaints.

Stocker Grocery Store Milwaukee WI (approx: 79/80) school job program
Price and stock shelves

Salesperson Magazine Company Norfolk VA (approx: 80/81) by phone sold magazines

Teachers Aide Temple Independent School District 200 N. 23 street Temple Tx 76501
(substitute) (approx: march 86/April 90) all ages/spec. ed (Patricia Lewis=Substitute
Caller) over 30 times a year.

Immanuel Baptist Day Care 1401 W. Central ave Temple Tx 76504
(march 94/june94) Warren Brattlof

Nurses Aide Fort Leornard Wood Army Hospital in Missouri
Pediatric and Medical and Surgical Wards(CETA PROGRAM) and nursing
home (off base) in a town called St. Roberts(I believe to old to remember)
(approx: 80/81) and Southern Manor Nursing Home Temple Tx Approx 80/81

Caregiver Thelma McKinney Residence 3117 Keller Rd Temple Tx 76501
Betty Lovelace (daughter) 609 W Adams 1 to 1 ½ yrs (94/95) (full-time)
and elderly couple residing at 6524 Willow Court Waterford WI(appox: 97/98)
(feed/cook)(help w/meds)(change dressing of legs two or three times)

B & W Development Center Little Flock Rd Temple Tx (feb/july 84)
house parent take care and help clients with meds and meals


Caregiver West Park Place 7400 W. Greenfield ave West Allis WI 53214
HA Marek 6/93-1/94 yrs help w/meds and answer phones at front desk
(6 p.m. – Midnight on sat and sun)

St. Amelia’s on Capital drive Milwaukee Wisconsin (date unsure 92/94 yr on
wk-ends) part-time

Lutheran Social Services Milwaukee Wisconsin (date unsure (92/94 yr) part-time
wk-ends helped w/meds and cooking and bathing skills/dressing and other things

Restaurants/ Big Boys (fast food) approx: 79/80 school job program for poor kids
Bars Bar waitress (yr 80/81) full-time Norfolk Va/Va beach

Cosmetology Master Cuts 3009 S. 31 street Temple Mall Temple Tx (april 87/nov88)
cut hair and perms

Military United States Army/National Guard/Reserves/IRR Units in Tx and WI
(drill-status pers) (May 90/Jan 98)

Minor jobs During the time period of 1975 thru 1980 restaurant dishwashing===learn
to use dishwasher for restaurant use and set restaurant tables in program for kids
who are poor.(programs made for minors)


International Correspondence School Pennsylvania (Jan-April 95)
Home study-- teachers aide diploma (graduated)

Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee Wisconsin
Medical Office and other classes( 92-93-94)(high school and college)

U.S. Army School== Fort Dix NJ Basic Training Center (June 90)(squadleader)
Fort Benjamin Harrison IN Adjutant General School (90) 75B10 bravo school
Personnel Admin Spec (typing required 20wpm)Fort Jackson S.C. (7/91-9/91)
71L10 administration specialist(30wpm)(graduated from all three)

Central Texas Beauty College Temple Tx 1988==cosmetology
and 1989=== instructor of cosmetology (jan88-oct88)(graduated)

Temple Junior College Temple Tx (sept 83/dec85) (1987) approx 32 credits
office and other classes

Waukesha Technical Institute WI (1980) GED program (grade school and high
school in germany (bases) and United States (ILC-Wisconsin approx 79/80)

Self-Educated: I self educated myself by going to the public library and training
and advancing my computer skills above what I learned in classes I’ve taken at
MATC and TJC with computer charts


Some classes taken in classroom setting

Computer Classes: 1. word perfect basics (matc)
2. LOTUS 1-2-3 (microcomputer in business 1+2)(matc)
3. dbase(matc)
4. office automation MASST(matc)
5. small bus & pers micro computer basics (tjc)(sum85)

Community Education: Introduction to Internet basics (TC/TJC)

Self Educated: Computers—went to the public library and added/advanced my computer skills
1. Internet skills-improved level of ability to use program
2) Word for windows--I used a chart purchased at a bookstore and added knowledge of keyboard functions to my ability above what was taught at school in classes and taught myself word for windows 3)micro-film reader: a machine that reads newspaper on a film strip then can run a copy.(old version brand)(Milwaukee public library)

Other Classes (some)

1. Business Speaking (gradeB)(tjc) 2. Business English ( gradeC)(tjc)
3. Bookkeeping I (gradeC)(tjc) 4. Medical Office Practice(gradeB+)(matc)

MATC Adult High School Dept

1. Biology 1(gradeA-) 2. Biology 2(gradeA) 3. General Math(gradeA)
4. Algebra 1a (gradeA-) 5. Algebra 1b (gradeC+)


1. Life Science (elementary level)
2. German (gradeC)(NewBerlinWi) Note: please be aware that most of my knowledge of german
language is due to it being spoken in the home by relatives.
3. Ecology(elementary level)(plant and animal and environment)
4. Psychology( basics only)


Medical Terminology—I used glossary from books and educated myself on medical terminology
(viruses) and internet handouts on (viruses) and studied up on side effects by medicines also.


Armstrong McCalls Tx
Beauty and the beast Corpus Christi Tx
Sunglitz Farouk System Inc. Corpus Christi Tx
Concentrics Killeen Tx
Wella Seminars (color and cutting) Killeen Tx
(these were taken while a student at Central Texas Beauty College Temple Tx)



MATC==HS Dept 1) student of the quarter 1993 2) honor roll 1993 3) student achiever
certificate 1993 (by MATC and the Bradley Foundation with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Journal)

1. Dept of the Army Achievement Certificate 1991 (WING)
2. Letter of Appreciation (extra work) 1991 (WING)
3. Letter of Appreciation (Participation in Color Guard 1991 (TXNG)
4. Marksman Badge(grenade) 1990 and Marksman Badge (M-16) 1990
5. Army Service Ribbon 1990


Bowling Trophy—my school had bowling teams and I was on one and we won a big trophy
for the school and students on team got a small one each. (year prior 1975)


1. Temple Texas Original Christmas Parade – several Canyon Creek Southern Baptist church members and I worked on a float together which won first place and the money went to charity
work and the trophy to the church 2. Temple Texas America’s walk for the hungry I walked a certain amount of miles for certain amount of money and it went to the feed the hungry 3. Hands
Across America (Illinois)(year86/87 approx) 4. Volunteer Work—help collect donations and sort them out and worked at church carnivals


Brownies/girl scouts—sold cookies and chocolate bars and handled the sales and money of those
sold and learned to work in a team for learning survival skills while on
a camping trip (elementary school age)

Avon (cosmetics)— I delivered the orders (avon) for my mother to buyers houses which lived
on bases.(I helped deliver sold products)(elementary school age)

NOTE: I had a legal name change from Kathrine Elizabeth Sackett to Katrine Elizabeth Sackett
in Bell county court house in Belton Tx while living in Temple Tx yr-nineteen eighty
five and month of march( I believe)(5ft21/2intall/browneyes)

This is a updated resume on July 2011

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