public school teachers who teach P.T. make a beginners basic swim class and if student attends all classes and try's hard then give them full credit for the entire school p.t. class for the entire year and teach staying bobbing up in water to stay afloat on top of water and frog swim and side swim and back swim and back float because these are what will save thier life in small accidents the schools should concentrate on these issues due to so much budget cuts but swimming is what they need to learn as kids under 18 years old so teach this in the school year you teachers have degree's and training in this so please use it and teach them the basic of swimming and those students who are frightened of water work in a separate class let them stay on the low end of deep water where its only to the hip and splash water around just and put at side of pool and lift thier feet up until they learn to float hanging onto the side of pool but on the side of pool in low water to make sure not to scare them until they learn to like the water and not be scared then later in time teach them the basic of swimming also like stated above
signed katrine kathrine elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2)
date july 312020 friday

note adult teachers who teach at adult programs do the same as asked like above with adult programs also for those 18 years and older mostly adults who are age 18 thru 30 years old those few things are a must to learn to save thier life in small accidents those teachers who are retired i am aware sometimes you all want things to do with your time maybe you and some of your friends who have previously taught swimming can get together of groups of 4 staff as retired staff and give a few classes to the ones who need beginners swimming class like stated above many people have finance problems maybe you can help these people or talk to the public school district and help teachers who teach p.t. out by lending them a helping hand just offer to do part time work and help the teachers out

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