Military united states Why is it I am hearing that you all are questioning my self discipline why?! It seems to me there is a problem with that line of thought! While in the military (drill status) at a unit (one week end a month unit) in Wisconsin I had a higher rank then me a male who was in longer then me actually a lot longer then I was and higher rank sleep with me in the shower room at the unit (whitefish bay unit) I got the blame who was a new recruit (meaning not much time in)(time less then a year in I believe) and lower rank on top of that but I got the blame instead of him who is the higher rank and had more time in the military then I did yet I got the blame I got beat over it for no good reason If the military is questioning my self -discipline like statement said to me then the military need to get their story straight about the truth Rule of thumb and military rule is the higher rank and the one with more time in which is the higher rank will stay or is to be the one to be the most disciplined and restrain from this kind of act while on duty or other Yet instead of taking it out on the higher rank and the one with the most time in military and following the rules of military rules and the rule of thumb (per-say) they took it out on me instead who had less time in and was the lower rank Seems to me the rest of you all had the discipline problem who failed to follow the military laws and rules and the rule of thumb and the upper rank who deal with disciplining the soldiers assigned to the board to do so was the problem with self -discipline sense they took it out of me also who was the lower rank and less time in (per-say)when it should have been the higher rank accused of being the discipline problem (from the board over this issue) rather then me lower rank questioned I actually mind Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 (5’3)(5’2 1/2 ) 7101 n ih 35 austin texas 78752 spring terrace apts Apt 214 date March 8, 2019 time 5pm

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