Social security and medicare and Medicaid offices to include there headquarters
Date jan 12 2020
I got a bill from medicare/Medicaid office and noticed they were billed under my name for medicine and I wrote this and put it in the website called and also into the website called to try to reach the staff and let them know/now that they were charged a price for medicine I did not go pick up or take and in-fact that I do not recognize the name of the medicine of anything I was prescribed by anyone either meaning by any doctor
Therefore, I will have to say medicare/Medicaid office was charged wrongfully under my name for medicine I did not take or pick up and infact I do not recognize the name of the drug of anything I was ordered by any doctor in the past or present time (as of 1-12-2020)
I am not to be used by anyone to give medicines to others and charge medicare or Medicaid or any other type of coverage under my name to cover the bill for someone else (I will not play along with that at anytime)
Some times I feel that the 1-800 number for these medicare/Medicaid offices do not care about government fraud and by being over-billed under some ones name like stated in this letter and we as recipients are not believed or are ignored due to the mental health fields claims of a possible mental illness so then we are ignored as recipients due to it
Signed Katrine elizaabeth sackett324363 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½)
Legal name change from Kathrine Elizabeth sackett to Katrine Elizabeth sackett
Married and decree of annulment name Katrine acholonu and Wilfred acholonu(year about april between 1985/88 in belton texas court room old one)(married only two weeks) (Wilfred worked once for the V.A. hospital in temple texas)
Hyde was step dads name
Sackett was born name for me

Today is date January 16, 2020 Thursday time 3a.m.

I wanted to update this information again to remind the social security and medicare and Medicaid fraud hot line about the problem

I feel you were billed for a medicine I do not take and that there is a billing error/mistake because the bill form you is not correct I did not get the medicine and do not take it meaning not on the medicine and I do not recognize the name of the medicine of anything I was prescribed at the present time or recently or in the past which means someone is charging my coverage for medicines I did not get or take or pick up and take with me home from any pharmacy or any place else

I also do not feel taken serious by medicare and medicaid and social security hot line to report fraud or fraud under my name

I feel again and still that someone had billed my coverage wrongfully for a medicine I did not take or say do not take either at present time

I am not agreeable to allow some one else to be serviced under my name by anyone meaning not medical doctors or psychiatry either

I feel the problem is caused by psychiatry saying I may have a mental illness and that staff at medicare or Medicaid and other types of coverage do not take me serious when I complain about some billing error and charged for care or medicine I did not get or take or picked up and took and that someone may be charging my coverage meant for me but be servicing someone else an not me

A few months ago I was going to pick up some medicine for me at wal-mart the doctor prescribed for constipation but when I got to the pharmacy the lady behind the desk would not give it to me she claimed as staff its not able to be covered by medicare or Medicaid so I never could get it or take it so I had to leave without it

Yet some one billed my coverage for a medicine I did not get and I do not recognize the name as something prescribed to me at present time or recent months either means some one charged my coverage but serviced some one else instead of me under my name possibly looks that way

Please understand that I am not interested in some one else being serviced under my name and I do not approve of billing my coverage meant for me for some one elses care or for sone one else to be serviced I do not approve of that and I am not agreeable to that either

This is the second notice to the medicare/Medicaid staff/social security staff presently this is the only way I can reach you is by putting this on a website like whatpeoplesay org or kalsada com

Note I am not presently taking anything for medical purposes and note that I am not taking anything for psychiatric purposes either neither am I seeing any one either in psychiatry either at present time so there should not be any bills from them either at the present time today is jan 2020

This part is the update for the jan 12 2020 letter or say notice I sent you which is the part here on top

I am living in a apartment complex called spring terrace apts 7101 ih-35 austin texas by burger king near dennys restaurant and note we are not a institution and do not send money to anyone or company or to spring terrace saying on my behalf because I pay them rent here and they are not a licensed institution to be collecting money if you do that would be commiting fraud under my name and commiting fraud under my name with staff here commiting fraud under my name here if you sent spring terrace apts any money

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½)
Spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin texas apt 214
Legal name change at belton texas old court room and by temple texas from Kathrine Elizabeth sackett to Katrine Elizabeth sackett about year march 1985 thru 1988 some time (forgot exactly when) then decree of annulment under Wilfred acholonu and Katrine sackett in about year between april 1988 thur 1985 sometime (I forgot exactly when)
Hyde stepdads last name
Sackett was birth name
Date jan 16 2020

Date jan 16 2020 added statement

Some times it looks or say appears like as if some one put me on medicare/Medicaid/other type of coverage but listed me as a person in a institution (meaning like a mental hospital private or county or state) then collected money from either medicare/Medicaid at like say $1200.00 dollars a month (which is how much they apparently pay a month for some ones care in the institution) but I am not really there at all in the institution instead I am really out here out-side sleeping in the woods or side streets as a homeless person or I am renting in junk yards like at the present time a old donated building called spring terrace apartments in Austin tx at 30% of income on my social security allowed to me from social security office while I am doing that the staff at medicare/Medicaid/other coverages are giving institutions money from their programs as if I was in their care and on their property at state or county property or in a private sector location when I am really not in a/their institution but while they are collecting money from medicare/Medicaid/other programs I am on social security getting my ssi on the out-side of the institution makes it look like some thing is going on that is under-handed not appropriate to do something like that (please note that no one has my consent to do that neither do I approve of this kind of thing)

Sure I may sound like a stupid crazy and maybe it seems wild fetched but things like that are possible to happen
Maybe I am wrong if so I apologize

There are problems like stated above in previous letters/statements to be concerned about and I am not secure that something fowl is not going on and I feel misused and feel that due to mental health facility’s claiming mental illness I have that a lot of staff do not care to hear from me that I feel a bill is not correct that they as programs are over charged or charged for medicines I did not get or take

Once while in jail as a homeless person for sleeping in the woods I got picked up by a cop and he took me to the local jail for a few days and I got out and later I noticed a bill that said I was at a hospital during the time period and I noticed the
Dates and can see I was not because I was setting in the jail during the time period (some of the dates mentioned) I did call the 1 800 number for reporting fraud but tell ya the truth I feel ignored not listed to/brushed off I feel or believe that may be due to the mental health field claims of me having a mental illness and therefore not believed or just brushed off by staff at fraud hot line or any place else to include local police or sheriff or places like that

Some times I wonder if that could be happening to other people out here like the homeless because I was homeless for 14 years before I moved into spring terrace and had a chance to set/sit and talk to some of them a lot of them actually and some of them said they had billing problems sort of like what I described also happen to them in the past to them

The problems described in this letter I am wondering if these types of problems may be causing them to be homeless or causing them to stay homeless even if they were at a age where they could be considered a elderly person and normally could have been housed in a nice place like those senior homes or senior retirement homes like you see In the magazines left all over town but cannot anymore be places due to the fact of the billing errors have made it no longer possible for them to be placed In these nice facility’s so then they ended up in the street as homeless senior age person and if not homeless then stuck in the old type mental hospitals or facility’s or wards like Austin state hospital is a very old hospital and people live and sleep in groups in one room and none of that is pleasant way live for a long time period and not even live for a short period of time either most mental hospitals are not meant for long time living the staff trained there do not act or behave during work the same way the staff act or behave at work in these mentioned retirement homes like those in the magazines left out all over town for people to find (it seems /appears like as if these people out here and maybe even me was made not eligible to live in them and may be due to a variety of reasons and the fact that our Medicaid/medicare/other programs were charged wrongfully or errors made for over charges or money taken under-handedly may be one of the causes of that

It upsets me to see the senior age group people out here sleeping in the street or dirty old shelters because this is the united states and the government give programs funding to take care of the old people and senior age group and these old people I see homeless should not be living like this (meaning homeless) and it should not have been allowed to happen were something made them not eligible for nice places like seen in these magazines left all over town for people to find and read

Once time a bill showed a hospital stay was paid right then later a other bill came and showed they were paid again for the same dates and time period again but they already paid the bill for that time period so the facility got paid twice instead of just once for the same dates and time period when I tried to report it to the 1 800 number I felt ignored instead really

I myself feel I was made not eligible for the nice places listed to go move into when old enough to move into one when a senior age person that at present time would mean 62 yrs old

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady(5’3)(5’2 ½)

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