Social security and medicare and Medicaid offices to include there headquarters

Date jan 12 2020

I got a bill from medicare/Medicaid office and noticed they were billed under my name for medicine and I wrote this and put it in the website called and also into the website called to try to reach the staff and let them know/now that they were charged a price for medicine I did not go pick up or take and in-fact that I do not recognize the name of the medicine of anything I was prescribed by anyone either meaning by any doctor

Therefore, I will have to say medicare/Medicaid office was charged wrongfully under my name for medicine I did not take or pick up and infact I do not recognize the name of the drug of anything I was ordered by any doctor in the past or present time (as of 1-12-2020)

I am not to be used by anyone to give medicines to others and charge medicare or Medicaid or any other type of coverage under my name to cover the bill for someone else (I will not play along with that at anytime)

Some times I feel that the 1-800 number for these medicare/Medicaid offices do not care about government fraud and by being over-billed under some ones name like stated in this letter and we as recipients are not believed or are ignored due to the mental health fields claims of a possible mental illness so then we are ignored as receptions due to it

Signed Katrine elizaabeth sackett324363 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½)
Legal name change from Kathrine Elizabeth sackett to Katrine Elizabeth sackett
Married and decree of annulment name Katrine acholonu and Wilfred acholonu(year about april between 1985/88 in belton texas court room old one)(married only two weeks) (Wilfred worked once for the V.A. hospital in temple texas)
Hyde was step dads name
Sackett was born name for me

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