social security letter and wells fargo bank open for public to read november 2 2019
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social security letter and wells fargo bank open for public to read november 2 2019
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I feel it is looking like someone is removing money from my account(wells fargo account) the white form from bank account summery and the small piece from the bank tellers then there is the small form from the computer machine outside in computer ink I get there early to check the atm machine to see if the machine shows if my social security checks were deposited in the direct deposit account but the amount is larger when I get this slip but when the bank opens up and the staff give me their version it seems lower then what it should be adding up means it looks like someone is taking money out of the account not legally or with my permission and no one is authorized to be taking any out of my account to include the bank staff or courts or legal staff or doctors or military are not authorized to be in the account taking out money nor, is anyone else authorized or welcome to take any money neither is the church welcome to take any money either from the account nor, is family members welcome to take any money from the account neither is michelle hyde flood or kiel welcome to take any money from the account anna or anne kiel is not welcome either to take any from the account either
I feel someone may be stealing money from my account or say from the social security money which goes into the account
Infact social security staff are starting to be questioned in my mind of maybe being involved of wrong doing of their involvement of money suppose to go to me but involved of letting others have it instead or having or say allowing it removed from the account after its been already placed but someone removes it with-out my consent which they are never going to get
Second, the apartments I live in spring terrace apartments may be involved in foul play by telling me its only 30 percent of income but may be having someone take money out of my account under –the –table without my permission or consent doing it under-handedly means they do not want to rent a apartment out at only 30 percent like they claim during interview but lying to people to get them to move in and sign contracts yearly and later then trying to charge them more money then 30 percent by stealing money from the persons account like direct deposit account for social security then when the money is deposited staff from apartment have someone remove money from my account to get the rest they think they as staff should get instead of holding to just 30 percent of my income
In Wisconsin I got three checks the one for $.655.00 the n one for $130.00 the n one for $75.00 but when moved out of the state of Wisconsin I did not any longer get the $75.00 check never do get it out of the state of Wisconsin but when I went back up there I started to get it again but when I left I did not any longer get the check again only the two others for $655.00 and the $130.00 check only
I feel there is someone getting money wrongfully and by ripping me off my soc sec checks or of one of these three checks without my knowledge or consent I am not agreeable to give my money to others
I strongly feel someone is getting and taking money out of my account wrongfully to give to others or under handedly to spring terrace apts due to they do not wish to hold to the agreement of the 30 percent like they originally claimed when I first moved ino the place here spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin tx by burger king and near denny’s restaurant by st johns and ih -35 austin texas
Signed Katrine (Kathrine) Elizabeth sackett32463 (whitelady)(5’3)(5’21/2)
Past Hyde stepdads last name
(536/78/1441)keep this number in mind I got it in the mail a copy of a form I think it is for my aunt really aunt Elizabeth because it said born 1961 it was not I think a form filled out for a social security card)(the remember this one 553-80-3030 I am sure this was mine and that when I had a legal name change that someone changed it when I went to get a new card it was then when I got it back it said 533-80-3030 but social security said it shows in computer 533-80-3030 and nothing on file over 553-80-3030 that one shows a dead person social security staff said but could not give me a name over it the dead person name that is because of confidential information clause issues but later in Wisconsin when I stopped in childrens division they said the social security number following my name for records was 533/80/3030
Date November 4 2019 7:30pm some of the time for getting soc sec is when I served in the military national guard and reserve Wisconsin units texas units then Indiana base and dakota base also about 1990 thru 1998 time periods
(NOTE: i forgot to mention fort Jackson in Carolina today I added this to this november 6, 2019)
social security letter open for public to read november 2 2019
I once got three checks from social security 655.00 then 130.00 then a 75.00 the 75.00 I believe said from state or something like brigade state (I cannot remember for sure) but when I move out of the state of Wisconsin then I do not get it anymore from anyone or say in any other state it just stops coming to me any place I move to or go but once I went back to Wisconsin and the 75.00 dollar check started coming again but when I later moved out of Wisconsin it stopped coming to me again
I do not want social security staff or anyone else or any place out or any state to be using my 75.00 check on any one else staff are not welcome to give or use the 75.00 dollar check on anyone else or business’s or giving the 75.00 to banks
Staff do not have my permission to do that I refuse to allow it legal staff do not have my permission to use the 75.00 dollars either on any one else or on them as staff as pay or for any other reason not even on kids or family members of any kind (not even on those who say I have done them wrong) (legal staff or any other type of staff or church or any one else or social security staff not even judges are welcome to use the money on anyone else or on those who say I have done them wrong) (not even military or D.O.D. are welcome to use it on any one else either)( if I find out you all are I am going to ask that the staff or volunteers get the death penalty for mis-conduct for misuse of me and abuse of me and for misuse of me to commit fraud for giving it to anyone else or business) (neither can passport staff get any of the money either)(foreigners or foreign staff or government should not get the check either)
Why is it I get it in Wisconsin when I am up in Wisconsin but if I move out of state of Wisconsin then I do not get any of the 75.00 dollars why is that?
Someone I mentioned it to here at a local coffee shop said it might just be a state social security check and that type of check can only be given if the person resides/lives in that state so if Wisconsin approved a state check in there state then I can only get it in the state of Wisconsin but if I leave Wisconsin the other state cannot give it to me
Someone said it may be from the military for the time I served in Wisconsin at the units like hhb-1-121 henry clay drive unit in whitefish bay or shorewood Wisconsin or the street may be part of Milwaukee or unit like 57th brigade unit or 84th division unit silver spring drive unit but I thought that would have been included in the 655.00 or the 130.00 check but not sure I do not understand how social security calculates/adds it all up to figure out how much social security you get from the work portion or military service portion or disabled portion
All I understand is that the 75.00 dollar check I only seem to get it in Wisconsin but if I move away out of state then I do not get it anymore
Signed Katrine(Kathrine) Elizabeth sackett 3/24/63 whitelady (5’3)(5’21/2)
Keep these social security numbers in mind 533-80-3030 then 553-80-3030 and(this one also 536 78 1441 for a reason)
November 2 2019

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