Our Dad & his friend brought in this weird box with legs and a mirrored front and told my Mom and us girls to sit on the sofa and stay out of the way. We watched curiously as he plugged it in and then attached these 2 "ears" to the top after running them to something on the back, messing with the knobs, all of a sudden we had a picture, and a loud noise that we thought was going to blow up the house! After he made adjustments, CHANNEL 6, WJBF came into our life! You were new as a station, according to my Dad, and we had something very new to watch, a TV! We didn't have continued programs like today, but when it was on we watched every minute taking in everything that was said like it was the spoken word of the Bible. Yes WJBF, even though there were years my husband and I were not here because of his military service to duty stations during his almost 23 yrs of service, is still a favorite station of mine. The best part thru the yrs is still seeing familiar faces. It's nice that people are still in jobs that they've had and worked for, for so long without fear of being booted prior to retirement as so many companies do and take away job security. So hurray to WJBF for believing and standing behind your staff! That makes you a lease and a great company! I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR 65 GREAT YEARS OF WORK AND BEING THERE FOR US, THE PUBLIC!

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