I was wondering how many juvenile crimes are in somewhat connection with Duncan Middle School, FL. The school is a sanctuary for bullies. 3 students that I know of who attended that school, and were bullied have been charged with murder and/or attempted murder. There is a direct connection between being bullied and EASIER adopting violent belief doctrines after the fact as a mechanism of survival. Kind of like indoctrination that occurs in cults. If policies changed requiring incident reports for bullying encounters, we would better be able to draw coralations between high incidents and violent crime by student incidents. As well as correlations to severe drug use. Mental health doesn’t alway wear the mask indicated by DSMV. Especially during times of terrorist. For clear ID of this schools, school police and parents must be educated in identifying and understanding their child’s “belief systems” (healthy or not healthy). If this was done with competency by School police, FBI & Law Enforcement earlier this year when The Belle Isle Teen murderer was first brought to the attention of authorities by teen’s sister, then we wouldn’t have 1 dead teen and two others stabbed in the hospital. To understand mind control is to save lives.