Don't really want to write essays or poems here. Almost everyone has heard about American Express Gold card. They position it like a state of the art credit card with some nice features and options.

As a part of advertising campaign Citadele Banka (Latvia, EU) stated that every owner of AmEx Gold card (maybe other types also, not sure) and all family members traveling together with the owner are automatically insured against different things including cancelled or delayed flights and its consequences.

Just a few weeks ago we encountered a problem in New York JFK airport, our flight has been cancelled and we were re-booked to the flight planned a day after, so literally we were forced to spend about 18-20 hours in Terminal 8.
Well, I stayed calm since I knew that being AmEx Gold owner me and my family is secured.

No way! Nice words are just nice words and nothing more!

First, when I called to AmEx Gold information phone, lady nicely replied to my call, told that she will contact insurance company responsible for insurance part of the AmEx service. She called me back and told that in frames of so nicely advertised AmEx travel insurance they will cover not more than 100 EUR for hotel including transportation. Providing the only closes hotel with free rooms was in Manhattan (taxi transportation - 60 USD one way), I was really surprised.

The info lady also informed that at present time (about 5:30 AM in Latvia) insurance company rep is not at work, and that insurance company will start working in 1.5hrs (7 AM Latvian time). The info lady told that she requested insurance rep to call me as soon as the company will open at 7 AM. I never got a call from there... Still waiting....

To summarize, I reckon that AmEx Gold service left me in a difficult situation and all promised before is bullshit. Never trust their travel insurance, buy your own!

American Express Gold service showed the real service they provide. Not for me, not anymore. thank you.

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