athen insurance Medicaid or medicare I do not like your insurance coverage and I do not want it your staff on the phone said you have me pay doctor or ay eye doctor directly and then athen insurance re-imburse me later I do not like that type of coverage and it is not in my best interest because the government is suppose to pay for my medical care it was their doctors at mental health county and state hospital/facility which caused my eye sight problem due to using medications like psych meds on me against my will I excpect them government to pick up the cost then also of eye damage they caused which they did
I do not trust mental health staff or medicare Medicaid or social security staff enough as government employee's that if I could afford to pay first then they as staff would reimburse me later but chances they as staff never would reimburse me I do not want that type of coverage second I do not want any checks to go to mental health staff at any level college or less then college staff they do not deserve any money or pay when it comes to me they do not do a dam thing for me which is factual or say correct or sincere which I really need like spring terrace is a used building donated the air here is poor staff don't even have any repectable air circulation all staff have accomplished is to cause me a medical condition that is not curable like poor circulation respiratory and other and poor eye sight mental health doctors are more bossed around by the lower educated staff specially at state and county hospitals then doctors tell the lower level staff what to do its like a joke for sure to watch signed katrine elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady 5'3 5'21/2 7101 n ih 35 austin tx by burger king
fact they do better job for our war enemy's then for us who are white citizens here in the united states
fact even the united states military do better job for our enemy countrys we are at war with and for foriegners then us like me who is a united states citizen and military eve ndo a better job for my foriegn related relatives then for me a united states citizen and family member then unites state military do for me
the united states police are alot like that also
note ---you would think that they used my medicare Medicaid allowance up on some other people meaning did eye exams on other people saying it was me they did when it was not but it was others in town who’s eyes they checked
then feed me a line of shit of why they can not cover my eyes see signed Katrine ackett32463 oct 31c2018
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