This never ending bashing of our president is tearing America apart. You claim he has gotten in bed with Russia, of course that was after you claimed he separated children from parents, that was after you claimed he had collusion with the Russians.

Let’s talk history: WWII Roosevelt (D) gave half of Europe away to the Russians and created interment camps; in 1961 Kennedy(D)was so weak Kruchev through he could put missles in Cuba; 2014 Obama (D) took missies out of Europe-that were there to protect against the Russians; he did not help protect Georgia, Ukraine and others from Russian Agression.....not a word was said in anger about these actions —why now is the media so intent on crucifying this president who is doing what he said— even being hamstrung by a bogus investigation that has gone on way to long. It’s time for mainstream media to take their heads out of the sand and really see what they are doing to our country.

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V. Hymer
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