I am changing over to another TV & internet co. All because Bell shafted me for $648.98 for May & June of 2018 from a bill that has always been around $184 & some cents every month.I
Nothing was changed, no channels added,no movies bought or no on demand was ever watched.or anything else.Yet in May they jumped my bill to $362.02 & in June they sent me a bill for $286.96 should they be allowed to get away with this outrageous act? Wouldn't you think there would be a place to go for help so they don’t getaway with this. I can tell you this, apparently I’m Not the first one they did this to.Also they told me that my July bill would be in the $200+ vicinity.Can you believe it?PLEASE give comments or advice.I paid this bill by no choice.l want to be rid of them permanently.

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90 Albion Street
New Glasgow, NS B2H 1N3