This place is definitely one of the best and interesting beaches in Tuscany.

With its 4km-long, white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters, Vada, a popular place for locals and tourists, is called as the Caribbean of the Tyrrenhian Sea.

The whiteness of the town's white sand beach is not a gift of nature but an effect of the bicarbonate manufacturing plant in Rosignano Marittimo, just north of Vada. Nonetheless, the Vada coastal area, surrounded by wild Mediterranean brush, continues to be awarded the Blue Flag every year for its clean beaches. Whether you swim or suntan (bring lots of sun protection!), this beach is still a definite must-see for its singularity and Caribbean-like feel.

You will be amazed by pictures you can take there, as selfies as regular ones...

I've even heard that Lamborghini (or Ferrari, not pretty sure) created their ads in Vada's Caribbean-like environment.

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Salvatore Montella
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