Your recent story on the WikiLeaks Clinton excepts is rather biased to create a story that isn't. That authors (deliberately it seems) twist statements is show Ms. Clinton in a bad light. For brevity I'll give one example.
She says in one statement that she is removed from the middle class now, but hasn't forgotten. The authors twist this into "Clinton doesn't care about the middle class". No that is not what she said or implied. She just honestly stated that having the luck to become rich she and Bill have become removed from middle class struggles... of coarse this is true, she'd be lieing to say they are still middle class. But the authors totally ignore her saying "but I still care" backed up by her lifetime of concern for both the middle class and the poor.
You should be ashamed. I usually turn to CNN when I want a middle as opposed to FOX or MSNBC.

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Wytold Lebing
Seattle, WA
United States