TO: Church’s

Staff----help people in the church under age of thirty years old

Youth Director-----help people under thirty years old and help the youth in your church

How----by doing a driver’s education class with these people in your church who have not yet learned to drive

Have---2 different classes:

a. 1st class which is made for those who never have learned to drive –have a class for about 8 days one hour long going over street signs (just get the dps books and go over the street signs) then save the last 3 days to take them in the church van and give them hands on training on driving a van don’t forget to cover left turn right turn and back up and park start with side street and back roads never highway first

b. 2nd class for those who have already learned to drive ---but have not driven a van ---take the church van and teach them how to drive a van let/give them a chance to see how and feel how it is to drive a van to make sure they can drive a van safely

c. This will help with jobs ----this will help get them in the pile of applications in which people are picked from to hire in positions at a company to include business administration jobs or other type of office jobs (the companies have the right to ask office workers to use the van to drop stuff off in other locations of the business if the regular person is not in the office

Church staff ------vans the church van is something church’s do have already and can offer help to the church members and kids in the church

Youth directors---staff do activities at church with youth already anyway then make drivers education class a activity to do at a youth activity day with youth director

12 thru 18 yrs old they can about 12yrs old reach the peddle of a car/van so I guess this is a good age group for the youth directors to go ahead and make a drivers education class activity day at the church

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463(5’3---5’21/2) whitelady spring terrace apts 7101 n ih – 35 austin tx apt 214
Date dec 7 2018

(Note ----even if the person never gets a job or holds a job ---this learning can still be used on personal time for themselves anyway so this means no time lost)

Shelters -----staff should be doing this at shelters with those homeless who are under thirty years old to help them improve their lives and skills and this will help improve job skills also (they should do this with those under age kids also at shelters to help get the kids a better future )

Automatic---use automatics because that is what business’s use at work----plus they are easier and faster to learn to drive -------stick they can learn that later if they need or want to learn it

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