As a typical, evening, couch-surfing male, I occasionally pause on Don Lemon's panel discussions that seem to be driven primarily by assessment of Donald Trump's performance.

I immediately move on if Jack Kingston is engaged in his pathological distortions or impulsive interruptions of other panel members. He is a complete bag of crap and waste of oxygen, regardless of one's political leanings.

Please explain to him that his delusional attempted defense of an individual who would be on a street corner in Manhattan with a squeegee and a spray bottle if not for his daddy, represents a complete absence of integrity. The introduction of a "YUUUUUGE" turd into the 'swamp' has transformed it into a sewage lagoon, great for political pundits, but torture for the citizens of this country.

Giving an individual so separated from reality a voice on a panel providing consideration of current political events, renders it completely absent of any credibility whatsoever. If his face is anywhere on CNN, I immediately move on.

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