Call it what you want. I feel the conversation has been had. I don't think many realize how many lawsuits private citizen Mr. Donald Trump has a party in. This man knows how to work the system. The devil is in the details. I constantly observe folks chasing the vanity of it all. This is Mr. Trump's plan. He has already won what he wanted anything else he can get done to benefit private citizen Trump when his term ends, whenever that may be. Any law or regulation he can change with his signature is all he needs. He will continue to allow the division allow him to conquer. Free airtime is a no brainer. You can speak truth to power, doesn't mean power will accept it. Mr. Bannon helping from the outside has always been the plan. He was in to get intel. People's perception automatically thinks Mr. Bannon was in control at any point. That has never been Mr. Trump's way. 71 years equals experience. There is no need to change the narrative, they control it. Mr. Bannon's organization just became relevant again. I believe President Trump's supporters will still support him even if he doesn't get another thing done. The reason is, Mr. Trump's team will continue to push the establishment won't let him get anything done narrative.

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