An Ironman is the hardest one-day endurance race in the entire world, covering a staggering 140 miles from start to finish. Athletes begin with a 2.4 mile swim – sometimes an open ocean swim, sometimes a lake or river swim as in Switzerland and Austria.
With a quick transition, you jump onto your bike and get pedaling on the 112 mile cycle segment, and then finish the day (hopefully!) by progressing onto 'the run'. The name trivializes it a little, as 'the run' is actually a regulation length marathon – 26.2 miles of running after you've already covered well over 100 miles.

We don't stop! And that really does mean for anything.
Peeing on the bike is one of the most challenging feats. Normally an Ironman athlete will simply slow his speed slightly, lift himself out of his saddle and then just relax his bladder. But this means that any competitors in the slip stream could be caught – so you need to be mindful to avoid that.

The Ironman triathlon is the only known race where amateurs race not only on the same course as the professionals, but at the same time. And it's a close window – the amateurs start just 30 minutes after the professionals have set off.

The most iconic race, and the event which all triathletes dream of completing, is the Ironman World Championship.

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