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Questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the owners and developers of the website, using the form in Contact section. is a free website for all visitors, including consumers and businesses. team does not censor posted consumer messages, or business replies, or investigate them for accuracy.
Email addresses used here are NOT sold or shared, in ANY way.

Please mind that if you reply to the message sent to your personal email using in-site feedback form, will unveil your personal email address. doesn’t share or sell or disclose any personally-identifiable information (such as name, surname, nickname or email address, or any other personal information) with anyone. Information is only shared with third parties on anonymous, aggregate basis, for research purposes.

Message authors’ (posts of any kind, business replies, comment authors, etc.) email addresses are not displayed by (However, post author may choose an option to be contacted by any user filling special contact form, or allow comments from other users) including any other personally-identifying information. 

The only way personally-identifiable information could be disclosed is if it’s done by the message author, in the body of his or her own personally-authored message. The message author have to check by him or herself  what is being posted prior to the message going live on the website. Even after the message is live, however the message author can edit and / or delete his or her own personally authored message at any time (just in case if author’s email message was provided)  using the tools provided by the site, in an automatic fashion. The message author can chose to post their own message, edit their own message, and delete their own message, at any time. 

If post author decided to stay anonymous and didn’t provided his or her email address, will not be able to generate link which gives the opportunity to make adjustments to the post, and in this case post author will be unable to make any more inputs to the post.

Personally Identifiable Information and / or Third Party Personally Identifiable Information are subject to disclosure to the appropriate authorities pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders. This means that consumer and business posts published to will be disclosed to the appropriate authorities pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders.

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