It is not appropriate for david hall in Wisconsin 5108 n lovers lane rd to call places I go and talk to the ladies like when he took me out to get a haircut he later uses the businesses card to call later it disturbs my piece of mind I moved into spring terrace apartments and he calls here and talks to the staff without telling me or getting my permission so does his family member I actually mind it because it don’t seem appropriate it disturbs my piece of mind signed Katrine/Kathrine/Elizabeth/sackett32463whitelady5’3///5’2 1/2/// like I moved in here and let him know/now and he I heard had talked to the staff several times and not consult with me first and I do not find it appropriate sounds like he is trying to get to know/now them but it was not appropriate like this to do is wait for me to move in here to spring terrace apts and then call and talk to them and the others date sept 2021

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