Dept of defense inspector generals office
I feel mislead by the lady who rented me this apt in spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin tx
they are suppose to have been for singles or couples without kids because they are studio like apts
( small apts) (efficiency type apts) (disabled without kids)(seniors without kids)(homeless without kid)
but some one keeps bringing lady's with kids into this apt complex I mind I do not welcome them with the kids at all
I do not want them here with the kids I do not want them rented to with the kids here with us who are single with no kids I mind I feel misused for my soc sec check just to furnish a place for parents or say moms with kids I want them to move them else were I do not approve of them here with the kids not to mention the men lot of them here have bad habits here as males not appropriate with kids around
there are other low income apt places were they can rent with kids which are made as apts for people with kids
signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 (5'3)(5'2 1/2)whitelady7101 n ih 35 austin tx by burger king near denny's restaurant in austin tx
jan 2019

why is it when I used the dept of defense inspector generals website to send something it later here seemed turned off is it because I am an adult and not a little girl or boy that you all would prefer to talk to because you all as staff just like to talk to little kiddies just but I am an adult so you don't want to hear from me because I am an adult not a little kid you just want to chat with as staff just I do not mean this well either signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2)7101 n ih 35 austin tx by burger king near denny's restuarant I austin tx
jan 2019
The place your looking for is a place which is were cedar crest is setting presently on the premises
They used to teach kids how to do tricks by having them dress like a nurses aid and doing blow jobs or rubbing a man’s patients penis things like thatMost of the kid were under twelve years old (males and females kids)I read a note from minnosota saying they allow therapist to do things like this as sex therapy I think that is a big stupid joke because none of this has any business going on and don’t think this is needed to do with kids because they can do and learn this kind of stuff as adults after 18 years old if they really want to learn it or do these kinds of things (I do not think these things are appropriate to do with kids or adults actually) they can make educational video’s these patients or kids can just watch instead of therapist doing these in actually touching or using others/people to do this all with patients as kids or adults even they can just watch a video in counsolers office or were—ever they are learning this stuffThe local authority’s came once and took all the kids out of the place and did a investigation into the matter and found the place guilty and moved the kids else were This is misuse of the system to commit crimes with kids or misuse adults who are clients just meaning its just a way to misuse people by misusing the system as staff and as counsolers while police set around with sheriff looking stupid for letting this go on every place in world or say In the united states But tell ya what st amelia’s is accused by others of these things (if this is so I would not want to work for them never would have even applied for a job nor will I support staff in these fields)(but st amelia’s is accused of applying a chemical through a I.V. to kids and adults in their basement of the building the old building on capital drive and was accused of being closed down at one time prior to the year 1975 apperently.MHMR is caught lying to us as minors in group therapy and single also saying this kind of stuff is not allowed but years later as adult I find things in the internet websites saying it is allowed to include in legislative statutes(I feel mislead by them and felt they as staff mislead others also) do to what I read in these websites and In the books legislative books Sign Katrine elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½) 7101 n ih 35 austin texas spring terrace apts by burger king near denny’s restaurant (donated old building for apt use)

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