Chapter 8: Speed and Speed Limits

Generally, you should drive at the same speed as the main stream of traffic and always be aware of how fast you are traveling. You must always obey the speed limit but a good driver does even more.

1. A good driver always keeps a safe distance from the car in front of him/her. The faster you drive the greater the distance you should keep from the car ahead of you. For speeds under 30 mph, the minimum time with good road conditions is 2 seconds. For speeds above 30 mph, maintain 4 seconds (more for adverse conditions) of following time. Developing a four-second following interval is the best practice for a beginning or less experienced driver.

2. A good driver always adjusts his/her speed and following distance according to his/her physical condition and the condition of the vehicle. If you are tired or not feeling well, do not drive. Never force yourself to drive.

3. A good driver knows when to slow down and increase the following distance.

a. Slow down and increase the following distance when the road is wet. Many drivers find out too late what a small amount of rain can do. Roads become slippery when wet, making your car harder to control. Slow down and make sure you have complete control of the situation at all times.

b. Slow down and increase the following distance when the road is crowded.

c. Slow down and increase the following distance when your vision is limited. You should always be able to stop with- in the distance you can see ahead of your car. In the dark or in bad weather, do not over-drive your range of vision.

Speed Limits
Drivers are required to obey posted minimum and maximum speed limits. These limits are designed to provide for the orderly flow of traffic under normal driving conditions. During periods of heavy traffic, bad weather, low visibility, or other poor driving conditions, speed and following distance must be adjusted to avoid crashes.
The Speed Limits table shows the maximum speed limits for all vehicles under different conditions. Drivers must also be aware cities and counties have the authority to change these limits. Entities that establish or alter a speed limit must establish the same speed limit for daytime and nighttime.
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