sex crimes
Minnesota chapter 609 criminal code sex crimes (crimes criminal) 609. 341 definitions
www. 609.341 609.344 609.3451
crimes against children chapter 948 wis.stats
sex crimes and penalties in Wisconsin (part one sexual offenders and public protections )(involuntary civil commitment of sexually violent persons) prepared by Daniel f ritsche, legislative analyst LRB-04-IB-3 LrB-01-IB-1
penal codes texas sect 22.011 sect 21.11 (it says no laws against sex with kids as long as the child consents to sex ) see for your self
article 2.5 child abouse neglect report act California penal code sect 11165.6
rcw 9a.44.115 rcw 9a.44.010 9a.28.020
penal code 43.25 43.26 sexual performance by child penal code
rcw 9a.44.115 9a.28.030

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today is sept 15 2018

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