I had a privilege to spend few weeks in Kingsway English Centre on a General English course for adults. To say " It was just excellent time in a high quality state of the art language centre with highly competent teachers" is to say nothing. I was in quite a many different English language centres and even in colleges but Kingsway English Centre is something absolutely different.

Stepping inside the building in a very first minute you feel their care about you even in a small detail. Building, classrooms, lounge, kitchen... Everything is really high class! Fridge is always full with drinks and milk for your coffee which is at your service throughout the day... On Mondays they provide a buffet lunch not only for students but also for teachers, to make everyone chatting in a relaxed and comfortable environment...

At your first day there they test you and then ask what would you want to study, what seems to be of an importance for you, what are your preferences.... Having just few classmates you can feel almost as one-to-one with a teacher and a result is absolutely fantastic! Social life in Kingsway is provided by specially dedicated Social manager named Big Bob (nickname: Everybody Happy?) He will make your time in Kingsway even better and fuller of emotions and new feelings. Warwick Castle, London, Cotswolds, different pubs and bars.... You wont be sitting at home...

Ah, home! Speaking about home I must add a word regarding the host families partnering with Kingsway English Centre.. They carefully select host families so all the families are very good in a pretty close distance to the centre. You can choose what homestay to take - Regular, Premium or Executive (check website for more details) but regardless of what level you choose the host family and homestay will be at Kingsway's level which is high itself.

Frankly saying, I can spend a night writing the essay about Kingsway Centre, I have much more to share with the readers of my post, but it is always better to see it in real than just to read about it. Apply for a course, pack your things and meet new friends in Kingsway English centre! If you care about quality & want the best, Kingsway will be perfect for you!

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