factory worker! factory workers!

be on alert -------there are problems with your medications from psychiatry meaning psychiatric medicines and addict drug and alcohol medicines they have caused medical conditions and even blindness I have meet many people the police brought over to the mental health hospitals after they have gotten into trouble with police or dps for minor things like going to bars drinking to much and picked up and arrested for it or for falling asleep as homeless person on downtown bench's and mental health staff started them on psych medicines and psychedelics and they as patients have gotten very sick on the medicines ---these medicines have caused serious medical conditions
some of the staff at the hospitals are partially at fault due to the fact the nurses and lower level staff when told by the patient they feel sick on these medicines they are being given (like Haldol or lithium and others)the nurses fail to stop giving the medicines and continue the medicines and the patient gets sicker and later the medicines causes a medical condition sometimes a medical condition which cannot be seen by the naked eye because it is in the inside of the person and sometimes test available or done did not pick it up or did not yet pick it up but don't mean later that it would not show up on test when it gets bad enough to show up on tests (I do not believe the nurses and lower level staff are letting/telling the doctors right away when patients are getting sick on medicines and also are failing to stop medicines which are making them sick like suppose to be doing or are not stopping them fast enough to avoid medicine causing a medical condition)

I am stuck know/now with a medical condition caused by these psychiatric medicines they gave at mental health
factory workers! factory workers! rumor has gotten out that factory's have locations which mix medical medicines and psychiatric medicines and addict (drug/alcohol) medicines together to form one pill but these are questionable things to do and I ask that these factory's stop mixing these drugs and medicines together and separate these medicines right away

we have people out here who are sensitive to mental health medicines and they need to be made separate from other medicines

pain killers -----tramadol is known as a pain killer but it is said to also have a psychedelic/psychiatric medicine in it mixed in it with the pain killer ( I got this from the emergency room as a pain killer and less the one hour after leaving and taking it I ended up back into the emergency room sick as a dog over it I did some research on the tramadol and sure enough it said tramadol has a psychedelic/psychiatric medicine mixed in it with the painkiller

factory workers! factory workers! please do not make anymore of these mixed medicines

factory workers! make these medicines separately immediately

factory workers! maybe its time to stop making the psychiatric medicines and addict medicines all together stop manufacturing them all together maybe that will end the problem all together

in the mean time stop mixing the medicines together to form one pill or to form one liquid medicine and if separated
that may cut down on problems (that they are having out here in the world)

courts ---you all need to stop giving court orders for medications stop giving court orders for psychiatric medicines or addicted medicines ----------if you judges continue to give them court orders then I will file a charge with the inspector generals saying your court was informed that psychiatric meds and addicted medicines caused medical conditions and courts failed to stop approving court order medicines and was then partially at fault for continueing medications which cause medical conditions by approving them given with court order and that judges who approve psychiatric medicines should be dismissed (courts should stay out of it and let patient decide if the medicine is any good for them between doctor and patient)

signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2)
7101 n ih 35 Austin texas apt 214 by burger king near denny's restaurant
today is jan 12 2019

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