Generally speaking, good place to spend a night with friends. Ask me if I come here once again and I'll say - yes. First Dacha nightclub is located on a riverbank, next to the port of Riga. Interior is much similar to these modern Moscow clubs, which is positive, I'd say. Clubbing public is different, from youngsters to senior people. There is no entry fee, but I would say it is included in price of cocktails which is pretty high yet affordable (see attached menu sample). Tough face control at the main doors, inside security tries to stay hidden and do not distract dancing people, however time by time passes through the crowd to check if everything is OK. By the way, security uniform if I could say so is pretty weird, at the top of their clothes which is kindda black suits if I saw it right, they wear strange white robes with hoods and black gloves. One of my favorite places there was an open air terrace with a river views, to get a portion of fresh breeze between long soundtracks. Good!
Main weakness and my main disappointment was amount of toilet cabins they have. There are only 3 single toilet rooms for hundreds of clubbers so that toilet queues are huge and long, no one really understands how to survive there.
I had a chance to visit only nightclub part of First Dacha but as I saw they also have some swimming pool inside so that you can go there by day and spend good time relaxing with good music, warm water and nice cocktails. Overall impression - good, but beware of toilet problem :)

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