Just a short notice to those who isn't quite sure if to visit famous Guinness Storehouse in Dublin or not.

This is all about the beer.
To be frank, there is pretty nothing to do with kids because everything is dedicated to beer. So families with kids, I'd say - no go, except if adults in this family are fans of Guinness beer and there is no other chance to visit the Guinness Storehouse with no kids.
Actually, for those who isn't a fan of Guinness there is also no pretty much to do. My wife was bored.Frankly, me too.
Here I'd like to stress that this is not because the Storehouse isn't good enough, this is all the matter of your interests.
I do drink beer but I am not that interested in lots of different video presentations of how it's made.. There are some old equipment to see, yes, but also lots of screens with video information.
Taking the second chance I wouldn't go there again.
Mind that for a family of 4 you pay about EUR 50.
All mentioned above is my very personal opinion.

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