did you really file a charge on me over a kids behalf ! no if you did its because you are a gutless police officer or staff or who ever because your to gutless to deal or go after the real ones who do wrong to kids that's all its about that would be the facts or is this a stupid tharepist (counsolers) doing doing therapy which I do not like because if you anyone (actually) wrongfully accuse me I have the right in the future to not help a kid in need of help meaning if I see them hurt or need medical emergency help I can refuse to help or refuse to call anyone up to come over to help them meaning like a ambulance or sheriff emergency number or police number to come out and help the kid where-ever it may be people out here should keep this in mind (fact wrongfully accuseing me would piss me off were I would not call anyone for them the either because of it )eve though I may not have anything to do with it but wrongfully accuse me of wrong doing I will not then help call emergency helpers for help for kids then when the time accurs later In life either then signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady 5'3 (5'2 1/2)
legaly I am not required to call to help anyone at any age if they need help because its considered putting my life in danger of the abusive individual if they were to find out that I called authorities to come out and help kid or anyone else by law I am not required to help anyway (don't wrongfully accuse me to commit a gutless act to avoid dealing with the real offenders or say bad guy )(sense people think I am easy game )

7101 N Ih 35 #132
Austin, TX 78752
(737) 615-3206
jimculbert@gmail.com James Wesley Culbert
D.O.B. 06/09/1981
SS#: 465-53-9970
TCCC – Post Road - Guilda From:
James Wesley Culbert
(512) 854-9158 Pages:
2 (Including Covert Page)
(512) 854-9130 Date
Additional Document – Texas I.D.
Application for Assistance – (Rental) Att: Guilda
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The fax I was previously using seems to darken photos automatically. This fax was sent using an online fax service. I’ve never used one before so I hope it goes through. Please call me if you have any difficulties seeing this copy of my I.D. card. I can also send a color scan of the I.D. in an email if that is an option for you. Thanks again for all your help.

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