Non Fatal Off ences against the Person Act 1992 The Non Fatal Off ences against the Person Act 1992 made it an off ence to attack someone with a syringe or to threaten them with a syringe. On conviction, the District Court may impose a fi ne of €1,905 or 12 months imprisonment or both. In higher courts someone found guilty may be fi ned or sentenced up to 10 years in jail. This Act also permits Gardai to seize syringes and penalise individuals who abandon syringes where others are likely to be endangered. In these cases the District Court penalties are the same as for attacks but on indictment the maximum jail sentence is 7 years. Section 12 of this Act involves poisoning off ences of relevance to ‘spiking’ of drinks as well as to cases of drug-assisted sexual assault so-called ‘date rape’. Poisoning is interpreted as knowingly administering a substance to another person without their consent, which is capable of interfering substantially with the person’s bodily functions. Such a substance may be one that is capable of causing unconsciousness or sleep. The penalty for someone found guilty in the District Court is a fi ne of €1,905 or 12 months or both. On indictment such as in the Circuit Court there may be a fi ne or 3 years in jail or both fi ne and jail sentence. Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994 The Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994 makes it an off ence for a person to be intoxicated in a public place to such an extent as to be a danger to themselves or others. The penalty for such an off ence is a fi ne of not more that €508. While the word ‘intoxicated’ mainly relates to drunkenness, the Act makes clear that it also refers to other drugs, to solvents or other substances or to combinations of substances. The Act also allows Gardai to seize any bottle or container that they have reasonable cause to suspect contains an intoxicating substance, They can also indicate, in relation to certain events, that those in possession of intoxicating liquor are liable to have that alcohol confi scated
Intoxicating Liquor Acts 1988 & 2000 The supply, possession and consumption of alcohol and tobacco by adults are permitted, but at the same time availability is aff ected by taxation and various laws, some of which are designed to discourage young people from drinking and smoking. The Intoxicating 12 Drug Laws Psychoactive Substances Liquor Act 1988 not only prohibits the sale of alcohol to those under 18, but also makes it an off ence for a person under 18 to buy alcohol or to drink alcohol in a public place. In an amendment to the 1988 Act the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2000 allows District Court Justices to order the temporary closure of licensed premises where an off ence of illegal supply to a person under 18 is proven. The closure can be for 7 days for a fi rst off ence and up to a month for a second off ence.

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