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I went to H.E.B to grocery shop when I noticed a liquid aspirin on one shelve

note that in the website on internet under google I found a article saying 3 teenagers died on a liquid aspirin (but can not remember if it was over-seas out of the united states or here in the united states I read it a couple of days ago

hope it is not the same product as what I saw on the shelve at H.E. B. in Austin texas

be careful shoppers when buying things and using things

signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2)
spring terrace apts in Austin tx a donated old building for apt use which once was on the demolition list to be knocked down but donated instead for poor and ssi people to use for housing and homeless to use as apt housing in Austin tx
date april 2019

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