Date: August 31, 2011

TO: _________________________________________________

I am writing this letter to budgeters, investers, owners, builders, constructors,
administrators of: nursing homes, living assistance homes, mental hospitals, group homes.

I would like to share my opinion and feelings on what I consider a decent, respectable living
environment suitable for living outside the regular home.

I am a person with the highest probability of ending up in a facility outside the regular home

I would like to know that a decent livable place would be available when the time comes to have
to move in one and out of a regular home setting.

I have written up an idea what I feel is a decent livable environment which one could also live with

I would like you to build and manage and make available such a place as described on the attached


Katrine Elizabeth Sackett(homeless)
3-24-63 tacoma peirce wa (ft lewis wa)
Economy Inn
205 W. Ave G rm 29
Temple Tx 76501
c\o david hall
5108 N. Lovers Lane rd apt 47 Milwaukee Wi 53225

part two of retirement home 1


1. Safe environment and pleasant environment

2. Looks and appearance:

A. Rooms: more like a hotel room look

1. own bathroom
2. own each room
3. single rooms (one person) (this allows privacy and feeling of own space)

3. Cafeteria type dining room:

A. were you go threw the line with trays and pick up food:
B. like in a local school lunchroom.

4. Tea room

A. were hot and cold tea is made available
B. were residents go and sit and have tea and talk with each other for a while

5. Activity rooms:


A. jogging track= regular size for exercise and health (walking or jogging)
B. tennis court= for exercise and relaxation
C. basketball court= for exercise,health,relaxation.


A. card game playing room==== filled with two tables(poker table)
B. pool table room=== filled with one pool table
C . chess table room=== filled with two table
D. checker table room== filled with two checker tables

6. Sitting areas:

A. Outside benches== to sit outside to get fresh air and relax(backyard)

7. Laundry room== so residents can do thier own laundry

8. Cosmetology and barbershop (onesitter) (for residents to get thier haircut)

9. Visitor room== big enough for six people so if clients room is not big enough they can go there
and visit

10. Meeting room=== so business people can come to visit clients over business issues, counsolers,lawyers,others(big enough for three people)

11. Intercom== for announcements or if staff need residents attention

12. Security=== for safety in and outside of building

13 smoking area=== outside for smokers

14 Facility size=== big enough fir 100 people to live in

15 Floor plan and looks of inside building:

A. Look more like a grand hotel (not like a institution)

16 Store: a used clothing store were residents can get used donated clothes for free

Requirements to get and stay in facility

1. age 40 to 55 yrs old (make one facilty for that age group)
2. age 55 yrs and older (make one for that age group)
3. blind and mutes and hearing impeared(make one for them as adults 18 and older)
4. mentally retarded (only mild) make one for 18yrs and older
5. mentally Ill (40yrs and older) make one for them
6. homeless: this type of facility is also a good idea for the homeless (40yrs and older)
7. military veterans—make one right on VA premises for live in residents
8. must be able to bath self and take care of hygiene without assistance
9. must be able to walk without assistance (walker or cane just fine)
10. no drugs or alcohol on premises
11. this facility will not refuse to allow clients to enter or stay at facility over medication issues or refusel of any medications or psychiatric medicines. Patient will be able to refuse medicines and still be able to stay in facility.
12. Build one for inmates who can’t be in regular retirement or nurseng homes ages 50/up

NOTES== this facility can provide jobs to the community with full-time jobs

1. administrator
2. kitchen worker and cook
3. cleaning workers
4. security staff
5. hair care staff
6. lawn and garden staff and repair staff (maintenance)

NOTE: I do not approve of group homes because staff are not any more educated then the clients and do not have anything to offer them that is factual and programs are rediculous. And minors should be kept at home more and worked with as a outpatient client instead
of facilitys or group homes.


Katrine Elizabeth Sackett 3-24-63 tacoma pierce wa (ft lewis wa)
205 w. Ave G rm 29 temple tx 5ft 21/2in eyes brown
c\o david hall 5108 N. Lovers Ln Rd apt 47 Milw Wi 53225 (4144618019)
updated 2015

May 20,2012

To:__________________________ ________________________ _

RE: Barber Shop/Salon in Nursing Homes

There are still many nursing homes which don’t have a small barber/salon for hair care,beardtrims or other facial hair care in the nursing homes.

I am asking your company’s (businesses) to help build and help cover the cost of building one in nursing homes which don’t have yet one on the premises.

Can your company and business invest in our elderly in nursing homes by building and picking up the cost of building a small barber/salon in the nursing homes.

Small meaning: 1 chair and shampoo bowl location
1 chair and mirror location for the staff to cut hair and style it. (also which they Would use to do beard trims).

Put a glass/clear door as a front door so that people comeing in the place can see it is available for resident use.

Put a sign by the door saying: (salon for residents hair care)

Nursing home staff can get together on decideing on how to go about the hireing of a barber and cosmetologist to work in several nursing homes and nursing homes can together pick up the salaries of a barber and cosmetologist working together as a team in more then one nursing home at a time like making a schedule of both going to one nursing home on Monday then another one on Tuesdays and another one on Wednesdays. (then both can have a full time job) and nursing home payroll can together (all of them) pay them with their budget together a full-time salary each. Like hireing one of each for every five nurseing homes and offer services in haircuts, beard trims, mustache trims, eye brow waxing, and have them take on the chore of leg shaving for the females which like their legs shaved

There are a few nursing homes which don’t yet have a salon and I think it would be nice for them to have one.

This would help with issues on lice or hair disease control.

Yet nursing homes have a tight budget and may not have the means to build a salon So, I am asking businesses to step in and assist by building one and picking up the cost for one to be build.

HOPE! That your company or companies can help!

Thank You!


Katrine Elizabeth Sackett
(homeless) (3/24/63) 5ft 21/2 in tall
Mailing address only c/o david hall 5108 N. Lovers Lane Rd apt 47 Milwaukee WI 53225 (4144618019)update 2015


RE: Nurseing Home Placement

I wrote previously on idea’s on what to put in a nurseing home to make it a better place to live.

Today I want to write a letter for the second time on who best to place in these nurseing homes.

One thing to remember is that you must place them properly based on a variety of issues and on age and this I will explain as follows.

Nurseing homes---have them separated based on ability and on age group like this 55 and older who are able to be in wheel-chairs and get themselves in and out without any assistance or without too much assistance and are able to bath themselves good without assistance or without too much assistance (were they are doing everything for themselves or almost doing everything for themselves )

(those bedwritten must stay in hospital (18+)and those wheel-chair combined who need assistance or a lot of assistance with bathing or getting in and out of a wheel chair or dressing must stay in a hospital setting like explained in a previous letter for many reasons but some are that is were the equipment for their care is and staff are which is better suitable for them for proper care)

Nurseing homes—2nd nurseing home separate from those 55+ are ages from 30 to 55 age group these go into a separate nurseing home who are wheel-chair combined who are able to do a lot for themselves like bath themselves without assistance or little to none should go here or are able to dress themselves should go here.

Nurseing home-3rd nurseing home separate from the above age groups are 18 thur 30 years old they should get a separate one for them and those who are able to bath themselves and dress themselves need no assistance.

Nurseing homes 4th nurseing home 18 to 30 yrs old who need little more assistance can bath themselves and dress themselves with little asstistance put them in one together (those who need extremely alot of assistance need to be in a hospital bed)

(kids should stay with thier parents they can feed their kids themselves)

Make the nurseing homes a nice place to live like let and put T.V.’s in each room and make them single rooms this way they can watch what they want whenever they want and put bench’s outside and a walking and rolling path for them to go out to set and get fresh air ones in a while and make a activity room the size of a regular room for them to go in and play a game of cards in once in a while and make a day room for them to go and lounge around at with the others allow them day passes off the premises so they can go out and about day light hours and week-ends and make a smoking place outside for them to smoke and make a guest room for their visitors and laundry room for residents to do their own laundry

Make a cafeteria for them to go eat in and make a barber /beauty shop for their hair care and beard trims(see letters about this barber shop previous written)

Hang maybe a bird feeder outside the building so that the birds come some times and eat and drink water so residents /patients can see and hear the birds for relaxation and enjoyment when they are outside(like two of bird feeders and one water feeder)

Signed Katrine Elizabeth Sackett 3/24/63
mailing only C/o david hall 5108 N. lovers lane rd apt 47 MIlw WI 53225 OR temp Spring Terrace Apt 7101 N IH-35 apt 214 austin tx 78752 may 2015 (7101 n ih 35 austin tx whitelady)sept 2018 spring terrace apts by burger king near denny’s restaurant

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