I heard from the news on T.V. here in texas that you at social security plan on closing in year 2025 is that correct or is media making a mistake please get back to the public in texas about the truth of this statement on T.V. news remember to deposit my social security checks in my direct deposit in wells fargo bank here in texas I mainly use the bank from wells fargo on street called airport road here in Austin texas I normally get two checks one about $650 or so and the other one small one about 136.00 or so a letter once made a questionable statement a hint about a third check but I do not get three checks ever only two checks just the two mentioned above are all I get here in texas in Wisconsin we get three because we get a state check for $75.00 dollars but only in Wisconsin I don't get it here in texas only two in texas I need both of the checks sent next month(may) and always sent year around
signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady(5'3)(5'2 1/2) 7101 n ih 35 Austin texas spring terrace apts a donated old building for apt use due to its old age was on demolition list to be knocked down but donated for poor to move in and social security clients to move in who have low income date april 25 2019 time 11:45 pm night

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