Sense I was originally started on the psychiatric medicines in Wisconsin (which I no longer take because word got out that if we step over county and city lines of the state were the court order is given that we can stop taking the medicine because we are no longer in that county and if we are gone for a while like 90 days that the court order is no good anymore) (so I did just that stop taken it) because the medicine was causing medical problems so I stopped taking the medicines

BUT, I have never gotten any decent care medically sense that time when I originally started those medicines

A lot of the time the hospitals/clinics used students which were not at the point they needed to be and some were not students sometimes I could not any more tell them apart which were students and which were not students

Mental health already caused a life a kids life laying under a trailer in bell county area(trailers near belton/temple )(with in the last eight years and this is 2019) because I noticed it but I could not call emergency number for police or sheriff to come and assist the boy (I did not have anything to do with it but could not help in anyway) because of the fact psychiatry started me on a psych medicine which I am not thankful for the mental health filed caused me a medical condition with their medicines nothing more and then left me with a lot of medical bills because the medicare and Medicaid programs would not cover all of it(but be aware that the hospitals and clinics were aware of this)(in some ways in my own opinion I don’t think that hospitals and clinics deserve money or say cost covered for the work done actually they did not do such a great job anyway) in some cases they charged for work done and got paid but did not actually do the work In the first place anyway when I reported it to medicare fraud I do not feel the staff did anything at all about it but blow me off like so what big mouth so what if we as medicare and Medicaid staff gave them money for work not done let the facility have the money anyway that is the way I sensed the staffs attitude when reporting it

Public or church they are actually not a support group ----they make matters actually worse –that is because they are not the ones trained neither are their volunteers either (neither are the red cross or salvation army workers)

In fact the person behind the trash container here at spring terrace apts when I took out the trash one day when I first arrived/moved in looked almost like the same body I noticed he had light hair and lite skin and was wondering if this is a homeless person sleeping behind the trash(coverd up in a blanket) can or if someone moved the body from the trailer court all the way to Austin and layed the body there or if it is just another person who is homeless and sleeping behind the trash container I went back inside after emptying my trash and shut the door finally

Sometimes thinking back when very young I remember a incident when some people had got on trouble for murdering people (many people with kids were moved temporarily out of the area) due to the murders like the chain saw massacre issued and if you have ever seen the movie like wrong turn you will see parts of the movie were copied from these incidents and put into the movies ---sometimes I think there were people who knew/new about the killers killing but did nothing to stop it as if they did not care at all and were aware that that was going on but let it go on anyway sometimes as if they were some how involved In it all

Do I have to care if any one reads this and believes me or not actually no I do not have to care at all if anyone believes me or not I don’t have to care the slightest at all

It is a sorry day in hell when you cannot believe in the police force or sheriff and cannot call them when you are concerned about someone who may need them or cannot call them because you have lost faith in them especially because of their involvement of starting you on a psych medicines which made you medically sick

As far as needing to be made impotent I was not in need of being made impotent so I of course would not appreciate the service done (sense word has sort of gotton ou)t about his issue being done under the table meaning they as legal system and mental health staff do this under the table without proper authorization or procedure followed

Signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett 32463 whitelady (5’3)(5’21/2) date feb 27, 2019

(not the above may be the case in the future that I may not be able to help someone and call the authoritys for them)(I almost lost my life in a jail when wrongfully put in it and wrongfully arrest due to the psych medicine)

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