At the thought of travelling by bus, I would usually quietly cringe inside as I imagined the stereotypical bus journey - a loud neighbor, bad air conditioning, leg cramps, back pain and a terrible WC. You are just trapped in a can with wheels. Lux Express made me change my mind about bus travel forever.
The first thing that springs into view are the seats. Not your typical domestic bus seats.
Then comes the in-fli.. I mean back-of-the-seat-mounted tablet with apps for entertainment.
Then come the small amenities you don't really need, but are nice to have - free WiFi that is actually free, hot drinks, a charging port under your seat, good legroom and a WC that is actually tidy.
Overall, if you are going by bus somewhere, pay up a few euros more and enjoy a guaranteed nice and relaxing trip.

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Daniil Petrov
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