A few years ago I had a life. You would never know I have scoliosis in my spine and had 2 spinal fusions, my hips have brucites and my left leg dislocated just below my knee. Well I had my own Restaurant for 7 years, but I was one of the restaurants that couldn't hang in after the smoking bi-law came in. So instead of laying down and licking my wounds I opened a motorcycle Apparel store, with more a more riders joining the ride what a perfect store to open, even I ride myself, I was my best customer lol.
Well things were going great for the first 5 years. Then they got me, the new opioids laws came in, my first doctor who I was with for over 30 years had me on a perfect amount of pain meds where I could function and not feel stoned or want to sleep all day. I had a life and actually worked for a living. Now my doctor retired about a year ago, and this new doctor that takes over his practice cut my meds right in half, telling me she has to or the college of physicians and surgeons will take her licences, so one week later I have to go back in to get my repeats, which my old doctor had me going back every 3 months. Anyway after one week she cut me in half again. I told her I cannot function on only 2 pain meds a day. I have a mortgage and Bill's to pay plus run my shop, I said you cant do this to me, and she took it as if I was going to beat her up, I asked her why she backing away from me like that when she got outside her office cubicle she said i threatened her and she is discharging me that i have to find a new doctor. No I'm am mad i said what the hell are you talking about i never threatened you I'm 55 years old i dont go around beating people up, and i dont appreciate being treated like a dam junkie off the street. I have real back problems, i had an MRI done from the top of my spine to my tail bone. And there is not one vertebra that doesn't have some kind of damage to it. Plus nerve damage plus the sciatic has now started and goes down both legs. So I find a new doctor and hoping shes can give me my life back, but no I'm getting the same crap blaming the college. Well I've gone from owning my own businesses and working hard a long hours, to riding my couch, I can't sleep at night I average 3 to 4 hours sleep on a good night, I can barely walk, I lost my business I couldn't work it anymore, I tried to find a simple job thinking I might be able to be a cashier, with my resume showing I owned 2 businesses in the past 10 years, nobody wants to hire me, on top of the way I walk now doesnt help. So now I've gone quickly from riches to rags. I'm behind in all my Bill's my bank wont help me they wont let me remortgage my house, I cant go bankrupt because I'm 20,000 in debt and I have 35,000 in equity which the bank won't let me have, and Crawford Smith & Swallow won't do a proposal either. Now I get a letter from some lawyer that I lost in court which I've never received any court papers till this one. The judgement was in their favor for them to seize and sell my house, all for a 4,000.00 Canadian Tire credit card bill. I'm going to loose my house for $4,000.
And I have been trying to put what ever I can on it every month even if it's just 10.00 to 100. At least I'm trying to show I'm not try to run away from my debts, I'm just in a bit of a jam I need to find a job im not looking for some high tech job, hell I've been applying at dollar stores, gas bars, grocery stores. And I cant get a job because I'm all crippled up, they take one look at me and politely say thank you we'll get back to you, which they never do. I've never done street drug, I've never sold street drugs, theres no police records on me, I've never abused my medication, I've never ended up in the hospital for a drug overdose. But yet they still want to treat me like a junkie or drug dealer. Hell I never even failed a pee test. My life is ruined I was a hard respectable worker I've worked hard for everything I have, I've tried everything to get a loan to pay my Bill's, I always believed that if I spend it I pay it but my bank wont help me , all of a sudden they are treating me like a bum off the street. I had no choice but to try bankruptcy and I can even do that. You people that came up with the great idea of the opioids overdoses it's not people like myself we have real pain that will never get better. Go after the street junkies and leave us the hell alone, we need to live. So therefore work, unless you want to pay my 20,000.you know I feel like I'm talking to wall. Maybe I should go get life insurance that will pay off my house and all my debts. So my girlfriend that shares the house with me, that the least she deserves after the hell I've put her through. They have life insurance now that still pays out now even with suicides, but there is a waiting period so I just hope I can hold on to my house till I pass the waiting period.

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Maria Zach
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