I was homeless for a while and when homeless I fell asleep on a bench not on purpose but I was just so tired and exhausted that I fell asleep when I sat down on a bench (this was years ago) the police picked me up and took me in and then took me to mental health hospital and they as staff started me on a mental health medicine that made me very sick medically very very medically sick I stopped taken the medicine and did some research on the medicine and on mental health medicine in general and the books said in medical books and articles and medicine books that mental health medicines have caused medical conditions and blindness and I feel that the mental health field like or to include county and state hospital/facility’s have used up medicare and Medicaid amount designated for my use on their mental health services which was done against my will when brought from the the police/sheriff and started me against my will and I got sick on the medicines and stopped taking the medicines the medicines were given against my will and I was not agreeable to the medicines and I sometimes feel they(the medicines) are given under the table without peoples knowledge or knowing it and without that persons consent or agreement to take any of the medicine
I am not agreeable to take any of the psychiatric medicines or agreeable to any court orders to be given to take any of the psychiatric medicines I am not able to support psychiatric medicines and am not able to recommend any of the psychiatric medicines regardless of which ones they are I am not a willing person to take any type of psychiatric medicine or the use of them on anyone and I am or believe it is possible that mental health has used up my medicare Medicaid amount allowed on the mental health stuff that I feel they did not leave me anything to cover cost of any medical care proper medical care and that I have been denied proper medical help due to that and that medical hospitals have not properly wanted to help me properly or denied that anything is wrong due to that fact the medical hospitals/field cannot get properly paid (this is my believe that this is maybe going on) I am not agreeable to support court orders against a persons will to take any type of psychiatric medicine or medical medicine against a persons will especially not psychiatric medicines signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 (5’3)(5’2 ½) whitelady 7101 n ih 35 austin texas by burger king and near denny’s restaurant in Austin (spring terrace apts) today is January 2019

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