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Reasons why I want to do a fund raiser to leave the United States!!!

Newberry house=== group home ran by Lutheran Social Services wisconsin and upper Michigan==== they gave me a half assed education Half as good as the other girls, ILC school which you sent me to did a poor job nothing to thank the company for. Dennis Rodriquez,lynn,Manigold,ollswang,goldsmith,Goldberg,ed,janet popelka,joanne Sinclair,mary gleason and those names I’ve forgotten. Sorry you didn’t feel you could do a good job for me to like the others.(girls involved are Bronca,veronica,Barb O’boyle,denise pompe,Deanna trisdale(married name) Yvonne Vegas and others who’s name I’ve forgotten.)(this goes also for the salvation army booth care center about 1975 they should have done better).(which was not licensed facility for minors but, really for pregnant woman giving up baby for adoption when born then woman get to leave when back from hospital).(they had two rooms full of minors from like shelters which were abandond or left behind).(john carr/Julie selbo)(my mom left with my brother and sister ed and mich and left me behind in a shelter in Vancouver and paster and staff sent me to booth care center in spokeane wa because paster knew john carr)(newberry house 1828 E. Newberry milw wi)
Then childrens court also used me to advance others and to better thier lives and did it by pissing all over me to do it. Plus, they put me in a foster home with a wheelchair combined lady who once fell out of bed and yelled for Jodi and me to help her back into bed. I got up and so did Jodi to help get her back into bed. So me and Jodi went ahead and put her back into bed. BUT, I was not put into foster care to be hired help! I was not put there to be a slave to handicap people they as children court use as foster care parents. Childrens court failed to make sure that they gave me the same fair shake and fair start as others. They did the least they could to better my life! But, pissed on me to better others.(I helped her to bed because I thought it was the right thing to do) BUT, thinking back at 48yrs old I should have left her on the floor instead.(nancy hanson,michelle,jodi).(Mitchell st)
LSS Company ====as a employer you all have supervisers which don’t seem to do a good job or have control of your staff or Say lower level staff and staff come to work late or not at all and I am a staff who has to stay late when the others don’t show up on time. I am a good employee who has good attendance and does my job well and will not bowl down to the others or company. Kim Lowell,kim and donna k. and john rathman and barb keifer,barb and the rest of you all are not going to get a thank you ever (it was lousy to work with you all) I should thank you for fireing me. And THANK YOU for fireing me the company paid me poorly and the staff were sorry to work with.
Civilian Employers==== your jobs stunk the company’s paid poorly and a lot of staff had poor attendance and I had to stay late because of other staffs poor attendance. Therefore, no one like me will ever thank the company’s for the jobs ever.
Military=======Your company commanders cannot control the lower level rank staff and function properly as higher rank staff. Not to mention the staff seem like delinquent behaved soldiers (especially females) rather then proper behaved adults. As soldiers they are worthless to me to support or to look up to anymore.(to me they are assholes) they are abusive to me(there are varies forms of abuse and business abuse) what they do to me is a form of abuse and not professional behavior at all.
Ft. Jackson,Ft dix, ft. ben Harrison, and units in texas and Wisconsin units WELL, YOU ALL WERE NOT ALL THAT GREAT TO BE AROUND AND NOT MUCH OF A GROUP OF CO-WORKERS!!!! Teachers taught little to nothing in classes like lopez (mrs/ms) and the others at fort Jackson or ft. ben Harrison. (sorry but, not a thank you ever going to happen for these crew of people as soldiers.(both lower and upper level staff) you all let to much happen to new recruits (like me for example) AND OTHERS.(some units Co C 111th sp bn Waco tx near temple tx//57th brigade/hhb 1-121/84th Div milw wi)

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LETTER RE: Reasons wanting to leave United States
Schools===MATC==TJC/TC Well, your school did a sorry job teaching in classes they taught little or nothing compared to what they could have taught and had time to teach.
Maybe the teachers just didn’t want to teach us in classes much because I am part german and even though the teachers seemed like a german background maybe they didn’t want to teach us students much because we were from a german background. Well maybe teachers just were lazy.
I was a good student (I had some good grades and some not so great) BUT, I had good attandence and did my work and turned it in if I had home work. (so, the teachers didn’t want to teach me well or enough either)
NO! no awards for these teachers or schools deserved!!! They should be ashamed to take an award as staff or schools!.
The same thing for cosmetology school! I had to learn a lot on my own But, schools had nerve to take loans or pell grant not deserved by schools or staff (teachers).
Military Schools!!!! Military staff did not deserve the rank given as far as for teaching, you all tought little or nothing. (had time to do better job But, did not!)
I spent a lot of time in the public library and study on computer and gain more advanced skills then what I did at schools. I go to the library after sleeping homeless outside and get up in the morning go to the library and study computer function key skills to advance my self. (I did more then the schools did to make myself employable)Yet, the schools took the loans,pell-grant money and took awards not deserved and military took rank not deserved because I am doing most of the work.
Sherriff,Police,courts you did not give me the same protection as others and legal system did not provide a decent service to me as others therefore, I don’t have a reason to be thankful for the sherriff, police,courts.(they treat me poorly to show off for susan Dillard as if they are a roll over dog for her who is throwing them a bone like as if staff are a pet to her and those related at 1112 North 15th st. temple tx.) and badly for others. (like lori muncher and leann/lana).(all drug users).(some church members)like orillia velleral (not sure of spellin) on san jacinto rd temple tx catholic church st marys at work sears she befriends me then later coomplaints -----I would say fowl play here with her race going on then here)
Red Cross—there was a lady named Martha at red cross in Milwaukee Wisconsin she blocked my door way and I said move out of the door way more then twice and she didn’t (did not) so I said move or I will hit you she didn’t so I gave her a slight(light) hit on the face to scar her out of my way she was not authorized to block door ways nor was the building she was in a authorized place to block door ways normally she (Martha) would be the one the police arrest for blocking the door way not properly authorized and maybe send to a nut ward and not me but legal staff was a pet to her instead and sent me to nut ward instead of her cause legal staff was a pet to her as a red cross worker—when underage divorced home red cross brought stall/hard as a rock old cereal for us kids to eat can’t thank them for athat.
Psychiatric assoc and elwood I feel mislead by the company and staff I feel had/fooled of why I was seen/mhmr
Family and Employee services 3rd/water in Wisconsin who had me sign something blank then disappeared and left it for anyone to fill in at any time AND NEVER SENT ME A COPY TO REVIEW!!! (or maybe nancy buchanoon filled it in)
Katrine Elizabeth Sackett (homeless) 3/24/63 Tacoma pierce Wa (ftlewiswa)5ft2/3in tall brown eyesc/o david hall 5108 N. Lovers Lane Rd apt 47 Milwaukee Wi 53225(4144618019)
I was once told that lynn and her friend/which one worked for lss and newberry house had been a hooker prior but I was wondering what the truth is about that statement
whitelady (5'21/2)(5'3) 7101 n ih 35 Austin tx
sept 11 2018 donated bldg for apt use for seniors disabled wheel chair combined and homeless soc sec reciepts and other

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