News media listened to the news claim about a truck crash and truck had beer/liquar cans in it sadly I question that honesty because truckers are aware companies do not want staff/truckers drinking during work hours/trucker could be fired a lot get paid better then min. wage so chances are slim to zero that staff would chance losing their job as truckers so slim to zero that their ever was any beer cans on the truck regardless if open or closed beer cans therefore, media please re-investigate the story and make a correction if need be re-check if there is any truth to there being any beer cans on the truck or not chances are slim that there was beer cans on truck signed katrinesackett32463whitelady3030brown eyes /date July 26, 2021

News claimed truck crash and beer cans on truck true or not true I feel mistake made/not true/ks7-2021

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